October 17, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Painting Tool Reviews

When you think of painting tool reviews you naturally come to airless sprayers. While that’s a core tool in this segment there are also drywall sanders, ladders, hoses, and other products. We checked out the Werner PD6210-4C fiberglass podium ladder as well as the Stanley Fatmax Professional Grade water hose. These tools help round out any painting professional’s tool set. Painting Tool Reviews for Pros We’ve covered tools like the Titan Impact 640 airless sprayer as well as materials like Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint. Cordless sprayers are also tested to see if they might serve well for fine finish work. As for airless sprayers, we test full systems as well as spray guns that claim to improve ergonomics on the job. As with any job that can interact with dangerous materials, lead paint topics will also fall under this category. Our painting tool reviews help you understand which tools are Pro and which are more consumer-based products.

Paintbrush dripping paint into a can.

15 Quick Clean Up Painting Tips and Hacks from the Pros

Nothing can so quickly improve a room or space like painting. Of course, nothing can make such a mess so quickly, either! To keep you from spending more time cleaning up than painting, we’ve assembled the best 15 quick clean up painting tips and hacks we know—all from the Pros who do it every day. […]

Review8.0(out of 10)
best podium ladder Werner PD6210-4C

Werner PD6210-4C Fiberglass Podium Ladder with Casters

When I was a kid, my dad helped me “conquer” my fear of heights by taking me on antenna jobs with him. We’d climb multi-story buildings and mount rigid pipe for VHF and UHF antennas. Big fun for a pre-teen, but it got me used to being up high. When I first laid eyes on the Werner […]

Titan Pro V55 Heavy Duty Heat Gun

Titan Pro V55 Heavy Duty Heat Gun Kit

Many painters have a love/hate relationship with their heat guns. On one hand, they’re an effective way to soften paint for scraping when the old stuff needs to be contained. On the other hand, the work is slow and you’re constantly near a heat source – that’s not anyone’s favorite way to spend the summer. […]

Bosch Blaze GLM 20 Laser Measure

Bosch BLAZE GLM 20 Laser Measure

Innovation. Compact Size. Speed. Simplicity. These are the concepts behind the new Bosch Blaze line of tools. The goal is to create tools that make life easier through their compact size, speed of operation, and reduced learning curve. First up in this line is the new Bosch Blaze GLM 20 Laser Measure. The GLM 20 […]

Stanley Fatmax hose

Stanley Fatmax Professional Grade Water Hose Review

Hoses may not seem like a “Pro” tool, but if you work with concrete, airless sprayers, or pressure washers, then having a good hose will save you time and money. Recently, the Stanley Fatmax Professional Grade water hose was launched by Bond Manufacturing. The new hose is the first product in a series of proprietary solutions […]

General ToolSmart bluetooth copy

General ToolSmart Tools with Bluetooth Connectivity

General ToolSmart Tools include Bluetooth connectivity for capturing data to your smartphone and helping you perform calculations on the fly. While General Tools is no stranger to multimeters and inspection cameras, this foray into app-enabled Bluetooth connected tools is a decidedly huge step forward into the estimating and MRO markets. As more and more of our […]

Milwaukee Cordless Caulk Gun window

Milwaukee Cordless Caulk Gun Review 2641-21CT

The Milwaukee Cordless caulk gun runs on the M18 RedLithium battery platform and is designed to apply both caulk and other tube or cartridge-based adhesives. With 950 lbs. of force at tip of your forefinger, you’re ready for the highest viscosity materials. This is not just a one or two speed trigger; you get the feel of  the […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro Featured Image

Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro Paint Sprayer Review

Since the advent of the airless paint sprayer in the mid twentieth century, many a manufacturer has tried its hand at producing one. Graco is not only one of the first companies to build an airless sprayer, but it has remained steadfastly among the most respected brands in the industry. Through the years, they have […]

Blue Bear DG700 Degreaser

Blue Bear 700DG Degreaser: Evolving Beyond TSP

Blue Bear 700DG Degreaser Review: Paint Preparation As with most things in life, proper preparation increases the chance of success. Painting is one task that involves a lot of preparation before enjoying the new color and clean lines. Most homes are drywall construction so prep work and time are generally reduced compared to old pig hair plaster and lathe […]

painting a set behr premium plus ultra paint

Painting a Set with Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint

We recently had an opportunity to help out a local high school’s television department with a new set they were building. The television instructor for Kathleen High School has been a good friend of mine for many years. His students and program won Best in Show at last year’s county-wide high school TV awards program. In order to […]