Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Manufacturer: Channellock

Channellock tools make some of the best wrenches and pliers and we have the hands-on reviews to let you know which tools get the job done and perform better than the competitors.

Channelock Forged Wire Strippers

Channellock 968 Forged Wire Strippers

Channellock Showcases Strength with Forged Wire Strippers Created with those in the automotive, HVAC, and electrical fields in mind, the Channellock 968 Forged Wire Strippers expand the brand’s line of specialty hand tools. Made from 100% forged U.S. steel, these wire strippers should provide plenty of strength and quality for any wire stripping needs. The […]

Channellock SpeedGrip Tongue and Groove Pliers

Channellock SpeedGrip Tongue and Groove Pliers

Last month, we saw teases of the Channellock SpeedGrip tongue and groove pliers, but now they hit the market. These tools are Made in America and new crosshatch teeth give them a more secure grip. These should provide excellent grip on smooth metal such as when you’re removing a shower cartridge. They provide more contact […]

Channellock Insulated Pliers

Channellock Insulated Pliers

Channellock Insulated Plier Line Rated Up To 1,000 VAC Designed primarily for electricians and other Pros who need OSHA-compliant and rugged tools for the job site, Channellock Insulated Pliers are on their way to retailers carrying features that help get the job done quickly and safely. Best of all, they’re all be 100% made in […]

ChannelLock 86 Rescue Tool

ChannelLock 86 Rescue Tool Preview

If you’re going to design a tool specifically for rescue operations, you’ve got to do it right. All it takes is a whisper that it’s not effective and first responders won’t want anything to do with it. After all, their job is to save lives. They want the most effective tools on hand to help […]

PTIA hand tools

2013 Pro Tool Innovation Awards – Hand Tools

It’s not only the humongous corded tools and fancy lithium-ion powered drills and chainsaws that matter. Innovation often comes in the form of simple hand tools. Except that there’s nothing “simple” about making an innovative hand tool. With less to play with, hand tools are among the more difficult products to improve. If just anyone could […]

Channellock E318I XLT Pliers

Channellock E-Series XLT Pliers

I think every tool company feels the need to make at least one tool with an “X” in the model name or series. The Channellock E-Series XLT pliers might actually have more justification than others. They are named because they now offer Xtreme Leverage Technology. Channellock moved the riveting hinge upwards so that the fulcrum point is closer […]

Channellock Code Blue Tongue & Groove Pliers 430CB Review

Channellock Code Blue Tongue & Groove Pliers 430CB

Channellock’s brand new Code Blue Tongue & Groove Pliers (430CB) are rugged, durable, and possible most important of all – familiar. These aren’t new tools so much as old tools made even better. And that’s what you want in a good hand tool. People aren’t quite so interested in a whole new way to use a tool, disrupting the comfortable feel they’ve developed over decades of use – they just want something that feels right and lasts a long time. Channellock seems to have delivered just that with its Code Blue line of Pliers.

Channellock Code Blue Long Nose Pliers 318CB Review

Channellock Code Blue Long Nose Pliers 318CB Review

Channellock pliers have been a staple of many tool bags for years. Their signature blue “dipped” handles are easily recognized and have served the trades well for decades. This year, Channellock released a new line of tools it’s calling “Code Blue” which, ironically is one of the hospital terms for someone in cardiopulmonary arrest. I don’t think anyone will have a heart attack over these tools, but the new heavy duty Long Nose Pliers (318CB) may be just the thing if you’re looking for a new pair of rugged pliers.

Channellock 412 pliers

Channellock 412 V-Jaw Pliers Preview

The new Channellock 6.5″ 412 V-Jaw tongue and groove pliers offer professionals and DIYers the same quality design and right-angle, maximum-bite grip as the larger V-Jaw pliers – only in a more compact frame making it easier to work with smaller piping and tubing.

Made in America Matters to Channellock

Channellock Made in USA

Channellock is all about quality and a made in America mission. With major manufacturing facility improvements, they are trying to show off their core philosophies in their new on line video catalog. The fact that we see Channellock Made in USA tells us that the company places a high priority on those American jobs and its […]