July 23, 2021

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Milwaukee 6T Pistol Utility Crimper

Milwaukee 6T Pistol Utility Crimper

Milwaukee Makes Overhead Crimping Easy

The Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 6T Pistol Utility Crimper has the linemen in mind with this tool designed for making connections at shoulder height and above. It’s light and compact, and with its 340° rotating head, aligns itself easily into the tightest spots.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Milwaukee 2977-22
  • Light, balanced 6T pistol crimper provides easy alignment when making connections overhead
  • Fast crimp times
  • Predictive Force Monitoring ensures full pressure
  • Pre-crimp battery check ensures enough charge to complete each crimp
  • Green LED verifies successful cycle
  • Milwaukee One-Key records every crimp for professional report building
  • Brushless motor
  • Weather-protected electronics
  • 340° head rotation for easy alignment
  • Eight interchangeable jaws

Milwaukee 6T Pistol Utility Crimper Features

Milwaukee claims that the new Force Logic Pistol Crimper is the lightest 6T pistol crimper available. In fact, it’s roughly half the weight of the DeWalt DCE350M2 and also some Burndy crimpers we’ve seen. It’s over a pound less than the Greenlee EK622PLX11. They’ve repositioned the grip for better balance and included a 340° rotating head that provides you with a neutral wrist position regardless of how you need to hold the crimper.

Milwaukee 6T Pistol Utility Crimper

The Milwaukee 2977-20 includes eight interchangeable jaws that let you tackle a variety of jobs with the same tool. This includes up to 4/0 line taps and up to 750MCM Cu, 1000MCM Al, 477 ACSR, 1/2″ EHS Guy Wire, 3/8″ Rebar, and 3/8″ Ground Rod.

Several integrated features and technology help the new 6T Pistol Utility Crimper ensure accurate crimping. First, it features an adaptive pressure control system that constantly measures force output. It also lets it deliver consistent speed that doesn’t bog down on larger connections. Next, a green LED indicator confirms when correct pressure has been applied. Finally, a pre-crimp battery check takes place to make sure your battery has enough charge to complete each crimp.

Using the M18 CP2.0 battery pack, the 6T Pistol Utility Crimper can manage up to 240 crimps per charge. That’s a great way to save weight and still get tons an entire day’s use from this tool.

Advanced Features

This Milwaukee 6T Force Logic Crimper delivers consistent performance in even challenging temperatures. It can operate between -4°F and 140°F. The electronics have been sealed to keep dirt, dust, and moisture out.

Of course, we can’t forget that the Milwaukee 6T Pistol Utility Crimper also includes One-Key. Once connected, you can sync your tool with your mobile device or laptop. You can then upload data and history to create professional building reports that track the pressure and timing of each crimp. It can even track the location of your tool as well as remind you of regular service intervals.


Milwaukee releases the 6T Pistol Utility Crimper in July 2020, and it will come in one of three configurations. You can purchase it as a bare tool for $1,656, or as one of two kits. Packaged with a BG-D3 Jaw, two 2.0Ah batteries, a multi-volt charger, and a bag, it retails for $2,229. Or, for the same price, you can get the same kit and tool packaged with an O-D3 jaw. All Milwaukee cordless tools come with a 5-Year warranty.

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Milwaukee Force Logic 6T Pistol Utility Crimper Specs

  • Model: Milwaukee 2977-20 (Bare Tool)
  • Output Force: 6 Tons
  • Length: 17.25 in.
  • Height: 12.25 in.
  • Weight: 5.4 lbs.
  • Rotation: 340°
  • Full Pressure Indicator: Yes
  • Adaptive Pressure Control: Yes
  • One-Key: Yes
  • Available: July 2020
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Price: $1,656 (bare tool)
  • 2977-22BG (BG-D3 jaws kit): $2,229
  • 2977-22O (O-D3 jaws kit): $2,229

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