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National Fantasy Tools Program Started by Pro Tool Reviews

2020 will see the start of a National Fantasy Tools Program by Pro Tool Reviews. The company aims to see tradesmen everywhere play in various leagues where they monitor power tool statistics on torque, speed, run-time, and more. The season will culminate in a Fantasy Tool Super Bowl that will pit the two top-performing tool teams against each other in a head to head showdown across various tools and platforms.


Drafting Your Fantasy Tools

Each season, the national fantasy tool program will hold a draft where teams draft specific tools. A team can play, trade, or drop tools from their team, at which point they fall into a pool of unowned tools that any team within a league can claim. Only one team per league can own each specific tool. The system uses a serpentine draft where tool team owners cycle through drafting players whereby whoever picks first in the odd rounds picks last in the even rounds.

Each team gets a predetermined number of tools on its roster—one from each tool type and group. This includes outdoor power equipment, saws, drills/drivers, and more. Owners for each team then determine their starting tools each week for the team.

Playing Fantasy Tools and Scoring

Scoring for the fantasy tools program will be determined by head to head tool comparison throughout the year. This scoring includes speed, power, torque, quality, ergonomics, price, value, and more.

Let’s look at a typical scoring system for a fantasy tools league team:

  • 3 points for scoring 90% or more on a power, torque, or speed test
  • 2 points for scoring 80% or more on a power, torque, or speed test
  • 1 point for scoring 70% or more on a power, torque, or speed test
  • 6 points for winning a head to head power, torque, or speed test
  • 4 points for winning a head to head ergonomics, price, or value test
  • -2 points for using a brushed motor
  • 1 point for saws with a rafter hook


Setting Up Your Power Tool League and Team

We anticipate many of the fantasy tool leagues will come from construction companies and larger businesses. Smaller leagues and teams can be formed between friends, family, and co-workers. League management can come through individual players or even businesses.

You can start your team immediately by visiting this page.

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