October 21, 2021

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Ryobi P782 Hybrid LED Tripod Light Review

This Ryobi LED Light Stands Up Tall

Available now, the Ryobi Hybrid LED Tripod Light joins the brand’s ever-expanding line of 18V lighting solutions. And, not only is it bright, but with a variety of powering options and tower configurations, this light is pretty much the definition of “versatile.”

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Ryobi P782
  • 2,700 lumens
  • Powered by either 18V One+ battery or AC power cord
  • Up to 10 hours runtime with 4.0Ah battery
  • Stands up to 5′ high
  • Collapses down to 22 inches
  • 310° pivoting head
  • Price: $129 (bare tool)

Let There Be (Hybrid Power) Light

Hybrid power has become ever so much more popular with cordless tool manufacturers over the last couple of years, and few have embraced the trend as readily as Ryobi Power Tools. This is great news for folks who like the option to use either a battery or an extension cord.

Ryobi Hybrid LED Tripod Light

The Ryobi P782 serves as one more example of the brand working versatility into the lineup. Not only can you power it using one of the Ryobi One+ 18V batteries, but you can also plug it into the wall for non-stop runtime.

It is important to note, however, that Ryobi only sells the Hybrid LED Tripod light as a bare tool. If you already use Ryobi cordless power tools that doesn’t present a challenge. Anyone else needs to pony up and buy a battery, charger, and/or extension cord separately. With a product like this, we think Ryobi would have benefited from providing a basic power cord for new users.

Versatile Lighting

The Ryobi Hybrid LED Tripod Light also gives you a couple of lighting options. The P782 has two lighting modes, maxing out at 2,700 lumens at its brighter setting. The Low mode greatly extends the runtime by cutting your light output to 700 lumens. With a 4.0Ah battery, you can keep your space lit for up to ten hours. If you need more output, pop it in High for 2,700 lumens and about 3 hours of runtime.

Ryobi Hybrid LED Tripod Light

The power button sits at the base of the unit. Pressing once will turn it to full blast, another tap turns it to Low mode, and one more turns it off. It’s not the worst placement in the world since you can tap it with your foot. We might wish it was a little bigger for this purpose, but it’s definitely functional as-is.

The color output of this light feels pretty neutral at 5000K, avoiding both cool blue hues and warmer yellow undertones.

You can pivot the lighting head 310° to light from multiple angles. But it’s not just the lighting head that adjusts. Ryobi placed that adjustable LED head atop an extendable pole. At its tallest, it stands 5-feet high. When lowered, it hangs out at 3-feet. However, it can also collapse down to a mere 22-inches, with the legs and tower pole locking into place for easy transport. It even has a helpful carrying handle.

The most unusual—and helpful—configuration, however, might be when you collapse the light down all the way and make use of the pivoting head. In this configuration, you can shine light up from the ground when working under a vehicle or, as we demonstrated, our shop’s utility tub.

Ryobi Hybrid LED Tripod Light

We did notice that the locking clamps holding the extended pole in place feel a little flimsy. As long as nobody is banging down on the pole, they do their job well enough.


You can pick up the Ryobi Hybrid LED Tripod Light for $129. It won’t come with any batteries or charger, or even an AC power cord, so plan your purchase accordingly. It does come with Ryobi’s 3-year warranty.

Ryobi Hybrid LED Tripod Light Specs

  • Model: Ryobi P782
  • Height (max/min): 5 / 3 ft. (plus “lowboy mode” with pivot head)
  • Light output (High/Low): 2,700 / 700 lumens
  • Light color temperature: 5,000K
  • Runtime (with 4.0Ah battery): Up to 10 hours in low, 3 hours in high
  • Warranty: 3-year limited
  • Price: $129 (bare tool)

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Frank M Donahue

You are spot on about the power cord, at the price of $129.00 it should have a basic 25 foot cord so it will work well right out of the box and I am saying this as a dedicated Ryobi family man have been sense way back in the dark ages of Nicad’s good review thanks for shining some light on this tool

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