GE AccessPoint KeySafe Key Safes Hardware & Fastener Reviews

GE AccessPoint KeySafe

While strolling the floor at the 2009 IBS in Vegas, we almost walked right past the GE Security Booth and it was in a quick second look that we realized that these guys are into tools as well. They are in the business of protecting your tools and projects. Many of you know about their lock boxes that hang from the many door handles of homes that are for sale (especially right now). While that is a great product for a certain market, they are expanding their offerings with the GE AccessPoint KeySafe key storage systems to consumers and contractors alike.


GE AccessPoint KeySafe Features

With a variety of onsite key storage solutions and locks, they have both mechanical and electro-mechanical push button combination key safes to keep on site. Some even have the ability to track who and when the key box was accessed so that you can better pinpoint when someone was in and out of your tool trailer or the house that is not quite finished up yet. And for those calls when someone needs access to something and you don’t have the time to run a key over to the site, now you can give them a combination to the key box and they can let themselves in. The combinations are easily changed when a new one is needed. All their GE AccessPoint KeySafe products are torture tested and have proved that they are job site tough and nearly indestructible. Their product line is available at many retailers and on the web.


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