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Greenworks 60V Lawn Mower Review – 21″ Brushless Self-Propelled

Greenworks Updates the 21-inch 60V Lawn Mower

We reviewed the original Greenworks 60V lawn mower back in 2017, and then entered it into our 2019 push mower shootout. In both cases, we thought that it performed really well. About three years have passed since the first model’s release, and Greenworks has just launched the next iteration of this popular 60V self-propelled lawnmower. Is the newest edition a marked improvement on what has already been a really solid track record with homeowner-grade cordless mowers?


We like the newest Greenworks 60V lawn mower for the homeowner that has a 1/4 acre to 1/2 acre lawn to maintain. Build quality impresses and the new 60V self-propelled model includes some new, convenient features—though we could stand it if it went even faster. Buy if you’re looking for a solid battery-powered walk-behind mower with a great warranty. Pass if you have to mow at the quickest possible pace.


Classic Features

21-inch Steel Deck

On the first edition of the Greenworks Pro 60V mower (MO60L410), we really appreciated the size and build quality of the deck. When the vast majority of decks in the homeowner-grade, battery-powered mower world fall into the 18-20 in. camp, the extra inch or two on the Greenworks deck was a welcome departure.

Greenworks Pro 60V 21-Inch Self-Propelled Mower

Plus, Greenworks uses a steel deck, whereas much of the competition in the market opts for plastic or composite material. The steel does add a little bit to the overall weight of the mower, but Pros will appreciate the solid build quality. Plus, considering the mower’s self-propelled feature does the majority of the work, that additional weight doesn’t mean as much to us as the added durability.

Single-Point Height Adjustment

The new Greenworks Pro 60V lawnmower features a single-point height adjustment. Rather than having to set the cut height at each individual wheel, this single-point adjustment makes setting your cut height a much less tedious affair. While this feature can potentially introduce some deck warp, this particular model felt nice and rigid.

Greenworks 60V lawnmower height adjust

New Improvements

Dual-Port Power

One of the more interesting new features of the Greenworks Pro 60V 21-inch self-propelled mower is its dual battery port. Several push mowers have implemented dual ports, but not all feature automatic battery switching. When the mower senses that one battery has run out of juice, the mower begins to draw power from the second battery.

We also really liked the battery level gauge on the handle. It indicates which battery pack the mower currently draws from, and how much power each battery has at any given time. This feature is a dramatic improvement over bending over, opening the battery compartment, and mashing the button on the battery to figure out how much power you have left to work with.

Use Turbo Mode for Consistently Thicker Grass

When you run into thicker grasses, the new Greenworks Pro mower will adjust the speed of the blade to maintain cutting performance. It’s yet another benefit of having a brushless motor. However, this mower features a Turbo Mode as well.

Say you’re running over your septic tank where the grass tends to grow thicker…The auto speed adjustment might kick the blade RPM up, but the mower might not “know” to reach its max speed. It still tries to maximize runtime, despite the additional load. Turbo Mode acts like a manual override that tells the mower to engage its full cutting potential—regardless of efficiency.

For those of us who keep up with our lawns regularly, this might not be a feature we’ll likely ever need to use. However, it’s a great feature to have if your lawn throws you the occasional curveball with an abnormally thick patch of grass. This will, however, tear through your power reserves, so use it sparingly.

Vertical Storage/Handle Adjustment

The older version of the Greenworks 60V lawnmower was perfectly capable of vertical storage. The new 60V lawnmower improves this feature significantly by changing the handle mechanism. Rather than having to bend over to the base of the mower to release or adjust the handle, Greenworks now provides two latches toward the top of the side bars. Simply pull the latches up with the fingerholds, move the handle to where you want it, and release. The handle locks into place. The same mechanism lets you completely fold it over for storage.

Greenworks Pro 60V 21-Inch Self-Propelled Mower

Handle Design

New to this updated 60V mower is the drive design. Rather than using the standard dual bars to engage the self-propelled mode and blade, Greenworks opted for a pair of handles. They work independently of each other, and you only have to hold down one side of either of the controls to engage its function.

Greenworks Pro 60V 21-Inch Self-Propelled Mower

While I remain used to metal bars (and they certainly feel sturdier than plastic), the new handles require very little effort to engage, so they present slightly better ergonomics. This is also enhanced by the angled and downward slope of the push handle design.


What does mowing feel like with the Greenworks Pro 60V 21-Inch Self-Propelled Mower?

Overall, it’s a pleasant experience. The 60V mower rolls really smoothly. Though it feels sturdy, it doesn’t necessarily feel heavy. It’s really quiet as well, which opens you up to mowing a bit earlier or later in the day without cheesing off your neighbors.

Greenworks Pro 60V 21-Inch Self-Propelled Mower

You have discharge options as well. You can bag your clippings, blow them out of the side discharge chute, or mulch them. When mulching, the mower does a good job of chopping up the clippings into really fine bits.

The cut quality looks consistent and even as well. Of course, in the spirit of full disclosure, it’s presently winter in Florida. Our grass, while green and growing, hasn’t had the chance to fully rage out on us this year. I anticipate no performance issues in summertime conditions, and we’ll get a better sense of run-time. We’ve certainly used enough Greenworks mowers to not have too many doubts about this particular model’s peak capabilities.

Like any battery-powered mower, you’ll get the best results and experience less hassle if you mow weekly during the peak season.

Sticking Points

While our experience was mostly pleasant, there’s always room for improvement. One of the things that stood out to us revolved around the back wheels. After disengaging the self-propel, pulling back on the mower would result in the back wheels locking up. This isn’t unique to Greenworks. When disengaging the self-propel, physically push the mower forward an inch or two, and then it can be easily pulled backward. Many times this happens naturally. However, not knowing this trick might cause you some frustration.

Speaking of the self-propel feature, I wouldn’t mind a speedier top end. I’m 5′ 10″ and, ideally, I like to mow at a brisk walk (which I couldn’t quite get to with the speed turned all the way up). I never felt like I was having to physically push it to keep up with my natural stride, but I would have liked to walk at just a bit of a faster clip. If you’re shorter, the speed limit should be even less of an issue. At its lowest setting, the mower crawls. That might be useful for delicate areas or inclines.

Greenworks 60V Lawnmower Pricing

The Greenworks Pro 60V 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is available at Home Depot. It comes as a kit with one 5.0Ah battery and a charger for $369, or with two 4.0Ah batteries for $499. It comes with a 4-year warranty on both the mower and the battery.


We like the Greenworks Pro 60V 21-inch Self-Propelled Mower for the homeowner that has a 1/4 acre to 1/2 acre space to maintain. It has a solid build and some new, convenient features. Buy if you’re looking for a solid battery-powered walk-behind mower with a great warranty. Pass if you like to mow at a brisk trot.


Greenworks Pro 60V 21-inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Specs

  • Model: Greenworks MO60L01
  • Voltage: 60V
  • Deck Size: 21 in.
  • Deck Material: Steel
  • Height Adjustment: Single-point
  • Cutting Height: 7 positions
  • Front Wheels: 8 in.
  • Rear Wheels: 10 in.
  • Vertical Storage: Yes
  • Discharge Features: Mulching, bagging, side discharge
  • Battery Capacity: Kitted with 5.0Ah high capacity battery
  • Warranty: 4-year warranty on tool and battery
  • Price: $499

Learn more at Greenworks’ website.

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William Neville

I just acquired a Green Works mower that was literally brand new. I have owned a lot of lawn mowers. To keep this polite…I am not impressed.


Can you still mow without engaging the self propel feature?

Miguel lopez

I have less than a 1/4 acre & battery dies prior to finishing . You need to buy an xtra battery which cost $130. How much is that mower in the window now. I wrote to Greenworks and one of their recommendations was to use the self propelled as least as possible. Hello self propelled!


I purchased this lawn mower last Friday and here it is coming up on the next Friday a week later and there were no handles to hold the lawn mower handle upright no screws with the knobs to stick into the handle to keep the lawn mower handle upright what kind of product you sell that you can include all the necessary Parts what a shame but that’s China for you

Jess Smith

Thanks for the review. This NEW Greenworks 60v 21″ Self Propelled mower is on my short-list of choices. I’m mostly wondering about bagging performance. I bag about half the time for normal mowing, and mulch the other half. Except for Spring and Fall, when I bag almost exclusively. Especially when mowing and sucking up Fall leaves (Illinois). Can you comment on it’s bagging performance? And, does Greenworks offer a “High-Lift” blade (similar to the EGO version) to increase the “suction?”