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Milwaukee M18 Radius Site Light Produces 9K Lumens

Milwaukee Tool recently announced the new Milwaukee M18 Radius Site Light/Charger with One-Key. The Site Light can produce up to 9,000 lumens on one or two battery packs and features TrueView LED technology, a polycarbonate lens, an IP54 rating, an integrated two-bay sequential charger, a stackable design, and plug-in and daisy-chain capability to connect up to eight lights off of a single circuit. Milwaukee’s One-Key technology allows users to customize, track, and manage the Site Light/Charger using a phone within a 100-foot range.

“By utilizing our advanced LEDs, optics, and lithium-ion technologies, we are able to develop a solution for professionals on jobsites that have historically required higher output lighting. Traditionally, this category of lighting has been dominated by products that aren’t designed for longevity on the jobsite. On a single charge, the new M18 Radius Site Light/Charger with One-Key can light the site for up to 14 hours. In addition, it’s designed with a high-impact polycarbonate lens and ingress protected for long life in jobsite environments. With this huge advance in output, capacity, and durability, professionals can shift their view of jobsite lighting from a simple commodity to a long-lasting investment.”

– Jason Isaacs, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool

Our Take

Milwaukee M18 Radius Site Light

Over the last few years, Milwaukee has built its lighting solutions line into a powerhouse that just seems to get brighter, tougher, and more clever in terms of attachment and management. The Compact Radius Site Light with and without One-Key has been around for over a year, but now Milwaukee has introduced its Big Daddy who more than doubles the output to 9,000 compete-with-the-sun lumens (compared to the compact’s 4,400) but also adds several functions like charging, plug-in, and daisy-chain capability.

Milwaukee’s One-Key has proven to be a revolutionary step in tool management, inventory control, and fleet tracking. Using the One-Key app on a mobile device, users can customize and even lock-out a tool’s functions, assign tools to jobs and people, and even find a lost or stolen tool using One-Key’s Bluetooth mesh network. Even with some small limitations, One-Key has been a boon to both individual tradesmen with just one Milwaukee tool to big companies with hundreds or thousands of them. Now you’ll be able to manage the Milwaukee M18 Radius Site Light remotely using your mobile device, too. That’s just cool.

Although the version of this light without One-Key doesn’t have charging capability or an IP54 rating, The One-Key version will let you leave your chargers at home or the shop. Simply slide two batteries in to get juiced up. Need more lights? Well, just plug those into the Sight Lite. It’s a beautiful design and we’re ready to find a dark jobsite to light up. And with an IP54 rating, polycarbonate lens, a sturdy base, and bumpers around the top for protections, the Milwaukee M18 Radius Site Light with One-Key will be illuminating your work for a long time to come.

 Milwaukee M18 Radius Site Light Features

Milwaukee M18 Radius Site LightMilwaukee M18 Radius Site Light with One-Key

  • Item Number (2150-20)
  • 9000 Lumens on High (4 hours of run-time)
  • 4800 Lumens on Medium (7 hours of run-time)
  • 2500 Lumens on Low (14 hours of run-time)
  • Weight: 27.1 lbs*
  • IP54 rated
  • Price: $599

*Based on use with an M18 9.0 Battery Pack

Milwaukee M18 Radius Site Light

  • Item Number: (2151-20)*
  • 9000 Lumens on High (4 hours of run-time)
  • 4800 Lumens on Medium (7 hours of run-time)
  • 2500 Lumens on Low (14 hours of run-time)
  • Weight: 27.1 lbs**
  • Price: $499

*Does not include charger, IP54 rating, and One-Key capabilities*

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