October 18, 2021

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DeWalt ToughSystem Storage Organization Video Review

DeWalt ToughSystem Storage Organization Video Review
PTR Review
  • Installation 9.0
  • Durability 10.0
  • Value 8.0
  • Warranty 10.0
  • Flexibility 10.0

It's proven that you are more efficient when your life is organized. The DeWalt ToughSystem Tool Storage Organization provides ample storage options for tools, fasteners and other stuff.

Overall Score 9.4 (out of 10)

Our shop space seems to always shrink, or we seem to be getting more stuff. Maybe it’s both. If you suffer from either or both of these, then you need the DeWalt ToughSystem Tool Storage and Organization. This small foot print system allows you to stack bins, but still be able to access each without un-stacking.

The ToughSystem is a modular storage and organization system that incorporates a wall rack, travel carrier or cart, and different storage cases, totes and organizers. All the boxes with lids include a soft rubber seal to protect the tools and contents from the harsh environment. Whether it be rain, snow or construction dust, the DeWalt ToughSystem has you covered.

DeWalt ToughSytem Tool Storage Options

DWST08270 Workshop Rack

The DeWalt ToughSystem uses a wall rack or mobile carrier (cart) to mount the different boxes or units. DeWalt’s DWST08270 workshop rack mounts to the wall and floor using appropriate screws or bolts. Up to 440 pounds of your favorite stuff can be safely stored on the wall rack system. Installation was very simple and installing the adjustable slide rails seemed intuitive with the included hardware and fasteners.

DeWalt ToughSystem DS Carrier DWST08210

DeWalt ToughSystem DS Carrier Cart

With the DS Carrier, moving different storage containers from the wall rack to your vehicle or another area is a breeze. One central locking mechanism secures all the boxes to the cart. The metal frame feels sturdy and durable. Adjustable foldable brackets allows custom configuration to your needs and choice of cases.

ToughSystem Radio Charger DWST08810

Having a shop radio is never a bad thing, even better when it produces great sound quality and mounts to your stackable storage system. The DWST08810 includes 4 speakers on the topside, while boasting great mid-range sound with a subwoofer on the backside. Powered by AC power or by a DeWalt cordless battery, the DWST08810 also charges the cordless battery when under AC power.

Organized Chaos

This DeWalt ToughSystem reminds me of when we first received our Sonic Tools S10 Toolbox.  Everything was in it’s place, so it gives you that inner peace. Once things are organized, it’s much easier to stay that way. With all types of storage containers, from cases, to organizers and open-top totes, this system allows the user to build their own unit. All the ToughSystem cases come with the DeWalt limited lifetime warranty.

Start your path to organization at Acme Tools!

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