July 25, 2021

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Keter High Store Small Garden Shed Review

Keter Garden Shed High Store

When Keter reached out to tell us about their storage products, we wondered if their solutions would work well in the Florida weather. The Keter High Store shed is billed as durable and sturdy. This small garden shed appears ready to withstand rain, snow, and inclement weather. As for hurricane force winds…well, all bets are off. Fortunately, we don’t provide hurricane testing or certification!

Keter High Store Features & Build Quality

At the heart of the Keter High Store is the rib-reinforced Duotech double wall panels. They’re essentially a plastic resin or polypropylene type material that can be cut, drilled, and/or painted. They have a rough outer surface that resembles weathered wood, and they resist mold and fading. They’re also waterproof, so your shed contents should stay nice and dry.  All of the Keter storage sheds and products are made from this material.

Keter rib reinforced DUOTECH panels

The High Store shed incorporates these panels along with a heavy-duty floor panel and sloped threshold.

Keter High Store floor
The sloped threshold makes it easy to place wheeled products within.

The hinges look well-made and open to 105 degrees, so you can utilize the full interior of the shed.

Keter High Store hinges

Keter Small Garden Shed Assembly

I enlisted the help of my two sons to assemble the shed. We used a Milwaukee 12V driver and not much else. It could also be assembled with a standard Philips screwdriver, though a power screwdriver like the Milwaukee or the Makita 7.2V drill would save some time.

Keter High Store door trim
I suppose you could say the Keter shed assembles so easily that my 11-year old found it to be not much of a challenge.

When assembling the walls, you basically drive screws through the edges of the panels in order to catch the corner brackets. The trouble with this is that the screws are perilously close to the edge and don’t appear to supply more than a minimum amount of structural tie-in. Hurrican straps these are not!

Keter small garden shed corners
This is what the inside corner looks like. The panels are secured to the corner bracket by small screws that are barely grabbing onto the edge of the panels.

The panels are held to the bottom plate with a similar screw method. The bottom screws, however, seem to grab the panels a bit more securely and penetrate higher up on the panel.

Keter High Store fastening

The door latch does a nice job of catching both the top and bottom of the door, keeping it locked securely. You can also lock the latch with any standard padlock or combination lock.

Keter High Store latch

Keter High Store Features

  • Weather-resistant materials
  • Rib-reinforced double DUOTECH wall panels
  • Heavy-duty floor panel
  • Wide double doors
  • Heavy-duty 105° nickel hinge
  • Brackets for two adjustable shelves (shelves not included)
  • Paintable
  • Sloped threshold
  • Lockable (lock not included)
  • Easy assembly
  • Dimensions [external] (WxDxH): 54.9 x 30.3 x 71.5 in. (139.5 x 77 x 181.5 cm)
  • Dimensions [internal] (WxDxH): 51.4 x 26 x 69.5 in. (130.5 x 66 x 176.5 cm)
  • Price: Around $299


The Keter High Store small garden shed provides an inexpensive storage solution. We used ours for keeping pool supplies out of the way and secure. It gives you plenty of room, and there are optional places to mount a shelf to allow for even more flexibility. The fact that you can paint the shed walls to match or compliment your house makes it even better. On some of the larger sheds, you could even cut in a window—thanks to the easily-modified Duotech panels. Our only concern with the product would be wind-resilience. I can’t recommend this shed outdoors where it can’t be secured to another structure. Against a home or within a screened enclosure, however, the Keter High Store seems right at home.

You can get more info and buy the Keter High Store small garden shed here.


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