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Fastening tools include clamps, powder actuated tools, rivet guns, and other specialized hand tools. In addition to those, we provide clamp reviews that cover all types of clamps for the Pro carpenter or remodeler. Fastening tools and clamp reviews take us into a broad category, but they’re important to nearly all trades. Whether fastening a piece of material down using a set of DeWalt trigger clamps or using a Kreg Automaxx bar clamp to glue boards, fastening tools and clamps are key. Fastening Tools and Clamp Reviews for the Trades The thing about fastening and trades is that each one has its share of tools in the category. With woodworking, we review lots of clamps and even some glue guns. For decking and framing, a Rockwell Jawhorse may be a key component to securing pieces about to the fastened with other tools. On a roofing project, a tool like the Bostitch anti-vibe hammer tacker may be used for securing tar paper. Finally, in decking, you can find products like the CAMO Marksman Pro X1 hidden deck fastening system.

Review9.4(out of 10)
Kreg Bench Clamp System

Kreg Bench Clamp System

It’s been said that you can’t have too many clamps and I’ve become a believer. From glue-ups to hold-downs, unless you can abut workpieces for screwin’ and gluin’ with some sort of superhuman strength for hours on end, you just won’t achieve good results. There are many types of clamps for as many purposes, but what if […]

5 Minute Pocket Hole Shelf

Making a 5 Minute Pocket Hole Shelf

One of our favorite tools is a pocket hole jig. It allows us to drill holes for hidden fasteners and strong joints. Our purist side almost feels guilty because it’s so easy. We promise that we’ll spend extra time refining the skill of dovetails and m&ts, but now we need a quick, utilitarian shelf for some […]

BOSTITCH Anti-Vibe Hammer Tacker

Bostitch Anti-Vibe Hammer Tacker

One of the leading causes of injury on the jobsite caused by long term exposure is vibration. It doesn’t care how strong you are or how good your grip is, it just slowly works on joints until they don’t work well anymore. While the most common culprits are aggressive tools like reciprocating saws or rotary […]

Kreg Classic 2-Inch Face Clamp application

Kreg Classic 2-Inch Face Clamp

Kreg Announces Classic 2-Inch Face Clamp (and Renames the 3-Inch Model) Coming this March is the new Kreg Classic 2-Inch Face Clamp. It is a multipurpose clamp for wood projects that offers versatility and value. Since Kreg is introducing the Classic 2-Inch Face Clamp with a new name, the company has renamed their existing Kreg Face […]

Handee Clamp Tool

The Handee Clamp tool is a small thin tool that’s used to grab onto small bolts and clamps. It seems like the ideal tool for when you simply can’t get a bolt or clamp into position due to lack of clearance. The tool lets you manually rotate a dial on the end of the top to slide […]

Review8.7(out of 10)
Klein Adjustable Length Screwdriver

Klein Tools Adjustable Length Screwdriver Review

I just smiled at the weight just dropped from my Klein Tradesman Pro backpack. You might ask what weight I dropped. The Klein Tools Adjustable Length Screwdriver replaced the six individual screwdrivers I used to carry. The only question involved whether it would be just as convenient as carrying individual drivers. Editor’s Note: Check out […]

DeWalt Trigger Clamps

DeWalt Trigger Clamps: May the Force Be With You

All right, I let my inner Star Wars geek out a little bit on that title. The conversation about the DeWalt Trigger Clamps does boil down to The Force though – clamping force. Trigger clamps are one of those items that when you need them, you know you need them. What’s worse, you know that […]

Review8.0(out of 10)
Kreg AutoMaxx Bar Clamp

Kreg Automaxx Bar Clamp Review

Kreg has a new line of bar clamps out that brings a Vise-Grip style of locking to this class of tools. The Kreg Automaxx bar clamps differ from the action of their brethren that use triggers or a screw handle to lock down what they are clamping. The basic idea seems simple enough; turn the […]

Review9.8(out of 10)

Milwaukee Torque Lock Locking Pliers and C-Clamps

Milwaukee recently released their new Milwaukee TORQUE LOCK locking pliers and C-clamps with Durable Grip and asked if I would be up for trying them out. Initially, what appealed to me most were the locking C-clamps. Of all the clamps in my shop, my “go-to” is the IRWIN locking C-clamp. I have roughly ten of […]

Klein Combo-Tip Drivers

New Products: Klein Combo-Tip Drivers

We’ve all come across those fascinating screw heads that are designed to be used with either a Phillips head or flat head screwdriver. And of course by fascinating, I really mean irritating. I prefer to use a Phillips head over flat head. The flat head design has a tendency to slip out, particularly when I’m […]