April 18, 2021

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Workwear Reviews & Safety Equipment

They say the clothes make the man. On the jobsite, our workwear reviews aim to reveal which work clothing is most comfortable, durable, and well-equipped. Our reviews cover everything from safety glasses, work boots, workwear, and clothing. We also tackle hearing protection, Bluetooth-equipped hearing products and other safety equipment for the job site. Workwear Reviews & Safety Equipment for Tradesmen When we review Blaklader Bantam Utility Pocket Pants or Dickies Performance workwear, comfort leads the way. Durability must quickly follow, however, and we also look for features. If carpenters pants, does the hammer loop come well-stitched and reinforced? When we look at products like Radians safety glasses, do they match manufacturer claims? How comfortable do they feel? We also tend to drop them to see how easily they break or scratch. Other workwear reviews include products like Redbacks knee pads or other PPE safety equipment. One of our favorite workwear categories includes work boots. Look for in-depth reviews of many of the top brands as well.

Outback Big Stick, Mongo & Joey LED Flashlight Review

Outback Big Stick Flashlight Review

Outback Flashlights just came out with three new models of super power flashlights; Big Stick, Mongo & Joey. These lights feature Cree LED light sources and put out up to 120 Lumens of light. Not only do they really shine bright, they also feature quality anodized aluminum construction, gasketed joints and will not break the bank.

Global Gloves Samurai

Global Gloves Samurai Series Review

If your projects involve working with sheet metal, glass, knives or anything sharp, then you need to start using some cut resistant gloves. These new Samurai Series gloves from Global Gloves are made with Taeki 5 yarn, and what makes them so unique is the level of protection they offer with all the dexterity and tactile sensitivity you need.

Ironclad HUG Heavy Utility Gloves

Ironclad Work Gloves Review

If you work with your hands, you know you need to take care of them. Why not protect them and make your job easier with some Ironclad Work Gloves designed specifically for the tasks you do? Ironclad work gloves are performance wear for your hands and we take a closer look at some of their most popular performers.

Edge Dakura Blue Mirror Lens Safety Glasses Review

Edge Dakura Safety Glasses with Blue Mirror Lenses Review

With premium features that won’t break the bank, Edge Dakura Blue Mirror Lens Safety Glasses provide the protection you need in a look that is more on par with high end sporty sun glasses. Things like a scratch resistant coating and anti-fog treatment to the polycarbonate lens is what helps to set these apart from what you might expect for safety glasses.

Iron Dog Tool Gear Review

Iron Dog Tool Gear Review

Iron Dog Tool Gear is a completely modular and customizable tool belt and pouch system
designed with the needs of modern day tradesmen and carpenters. With the Iron Dog Tool Gear
System, there is no more wasted space or never utilized pockets. The whole idea of being able to
customize your tool belt rig is fantastic! We think that most folks will be pleasantly surprised at the
quality and value offered with the Iron Dog Tool Gear System.

DeWalt Protector safety glasses

DeWalt Protector Safety Glasses Review

Safety glasses. If you do any kind of projects around the house – be it woodworking, tile, or any kind of remodeling – you need a decent pair of safety glasses. Dewalt’s DPG54-1C safety glasses do several things right: they fit well, they don’t distort what comes through the lenses and they wrap around the sides for ample protection. Now, with that said, I have a very small head and they fit me just fine. For larger heads these glasses may come up a bit short and may be a tad too tight over the ears.

Ansell Cut Protection Kevlar Gloves Review

Ansell Cut Protection Kevlar Gloves Review

While gloves offer a great deal of protection on the job site, there is still the possibility that your razor knife can slice though and into you. With the Ansell Cut Protection Gloves that fear is now gone. We used a razor scraper knife and tried our best to slice though the Ansell gloves with no success.

Mechanix Wear Construction Work Gloves

Mechanix Construction Gloves for Work

If your hands need better grip and protection on your job site, then chances are that Mechanix Wear has a glove for you. The days of bulky, thick work gloves have met their end and now you can save yourself the trouble of a wood splinter or a cut and still feel your material or tool.

Iron Dog Tool Gear

Iron Dog Tool Gear

Iron Dog Tool Gear offer amazing quality and a unique ability to set up your work belt rig the way you want it. With their Versa Clip system, you can configure your gear on the move using the many clip points located on the belt and the bags. Beyond the ability to configure your tool belt, you can now actually get the right size and type of pouch you need. With a vast array of sizes, styles, and tool specific pouches and holders you now will be able to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

DeWalt Launches Line of Custom Leathercraft Work Gear

DeWalt Launches Line of Custom Leathercraft Work Gear

DeWalt has partnered with Custom LeatherCraft (CLC), a 25+ year veteran of manufacturing tool holders, organizers and other work gear accessories. Together, they are releasing a licensed line of more than 40 products that will be available this month. The new work gear products will include heavy-duty tool belts, kneepads, soft-side tool carriers, tool holders and accessories. The […]