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Before I started Pro Tool Reviews, I renovated a number of older homes. With respect to tools, I spend money where it’s needed, but I prefer to keep things on a budget. I definitely know the value of using the best tools for mission-critical applications. As a general tool user, and not a woodworker, I don’t own a biscuit joiner and probably never will. I do enjoy using good tools and recognize some tools tool (like a router or a pin nailer) can help you put a nice touch on a project. Those gems are worth their weight in gold. Following are the power tools Clint DeBoer uses.

When you hear that guy on TV introduce a job, come back from a commercial, and announce that it’s all done and they’re moving on the next part of the project… that’s me doing the work in the commercial break… except that it really took 3 days, not 3 minutes!

Good discernment coupled with decades of experience makes me a solid value-shopper and a harsh critic of anything that doesn’t work quickly or efficiently. I want good tools, but I won’t hesitate to try something new in the hopes that it performs “above its pay grade”. If you want to know which power tools Clint DeBoer uses regularly, this is your list.

The Joy of Working on Older Homes

I love working on old houses. I live in Florida, so “old” falls in the 100-year-old range. These homes have tons of character and charm, but they also present challenging opportunities for using reliable-yet-innovative tools. From roofing and framing to plumbing and electrical, I enjoy it all (OK, I lied about the plumbing—only masochists enjoy that). In either case, my favorite tools are generally cordless with the exception of pneumatic nailers. There is nothing quite like firing a half dozen nails into a window frame in less than half that number of seconds… or confidently driving screws into composite decking.

I have a great love for both hand and power tools, and I’m prepared to call out those manufacturers who don’t build them in ways that are rugged, ergonomic, and powerful. This list changes a bit more frequently than I care to admit, but I’ll try to keep it updated as best I can.

Clint DeBoer’s Favorite Power Tools

Air Tools

Hand Tools & Miscellaneous Tools Clint DeBoer Uses

These are the hand tools, power tools, and accessories I (Clint DeBoer) use regularly. The bottom line is every tool here has some characteristics I find noteworthy—and, as you can see, we’ve reviewed many of them right here at Pro Tool Reviews.

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