October 18, 2021

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Festool Systainer3 Tool Organization System

Festool Systainer3 Maximizes Tool Storage, Gear Mobility, and Jobsite Efficiency

Festool USA has just launched its largest collection of Systainer organization systems in company history. Like previous editions of the Systainer line, the Festool Systainer3 Tool Organization System provides efficient tool storage, protection, and transportation. But, Festool has also designed the new line with a variety of new features to integrate it into both the older Systainer boxes and the newer Festool products.

Festool Systainer3 Features

Festool designed the Systainer3 system in two widths, which they’re calling “M” and “L” footprints. The M footprint works with the widths of the last-gen Systainers. Festool designed the larger L footprints for more storage and customization.

Festool has re-engineered the core components of the Systainer3 to match a variety of needs. This line comes equipped with built-in side grooves that pair with Systainer3 rails. This lets you build your own Sys-port racking system.

The Festool Systainer3 products also include either a front handle or a pull-out aid. These are particularly helpful as handholds when using the Systainer3 Rail system.

Festool also designed the Systainer3 products with a third hinge to stabilize the rear wall for better stability. Finally, Theft Tag slots let you use locks or cable ties for added security.

Festool Talks About the Systainer3 Lineup

Festool customers have long appreciated the time savings and protection that Festool Systainers provide, and now Systainer3 delivers even more innovative solutions for the workshop and construction site. The possibilities for an efficient work site experience are endless thanks to the convenient and flexible designs of the Systainer3 products.

Rick Bush, product marketing manager for Festool

Festool Systainer3 Products

As of right now, Festool has 9 products in the Systainer3 lineup, all of which should become available in February.

  • M- and L-size Systainers
    • SYS3 M 112 – $60
    • SYS3 M 137 – $65
    • SYS3 M 187 – $70
    • SYS3 M 237 – $75
    • SYS3 M 337 – $80
    • SYS3 M 437 – $85
    • SYS3 L 137 – $75
    • SYS3 L 187 – $80
    • SYS3 L 237 – $85
  • XXL-Size Systainers
    • SYS3 XXL 237 – $100
    • SYS3 XXL 337 – $115
  • Systainer Toolboxes
    • SYS3 TB M 137 – $60
    • SYS3 TB M 237 – $70
    • SYS3 TB L 137 – $80
    • SYS3 TB L 237 – $90
  • Systainer Organizers
    • SYS3 ORG M 89 – $60
    • SYS3 ORG M 89 22XESB – $80
    • SYS3 ORG M 89 6XESB – $80
    • SYS3 ORG L 89 – $70
    • SYS3 ORG L 89 20XESB – $99
    • SYS3 ORG L 89 10XESB – $99
  • Sys-Cart SYS-RB – $99
  • Abrasive Systainers
    • SYS-STF D150 – $95
    • SYS-STF-D77/D90/93V – $80
    • SYS-STF D125 – $92
    • SYS-STF-80X133/D125/DELTA – $80
  • Hand Tool Organizer – SYS3 HWZ M 337 – $180
  • Systainer3 Rails – SYS3-SN/4 -$40

For more information about Festool Organization Systems, visit the Festool website by clicking here.

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they are solid. tanos have also put in a third catch in the back, and it is solid. as in i use mine instead of a stepladder sometimes, when i have forgotten it……

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