Milwaukee Utility Crimper Electrical Tool Reviews

Milwaukee 6T Linear Utility Crimper

Crimping IS Easy with Milwaukee Force Logic Linear Crimper

The Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 6T Linear Utility Crimper provides linemen with a fast and versatile way to crimp. It offers a slim grip and an enlarged trigger designed specifically for use with Class 3 gloves. The handle design also provides excellent balance as well as a 340° rotating head. Overall, this linear crimper looks like it fits in really well with the rest of the Milwaukee tool power utility industry lineup.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Milwaukee 2978-20
  • Crimps up to 4/0 line taps
  • Cuts 750MCM Cu, 1000MCM Al, 477 ACSR, ½” EHS Guy Wire, 3/8” Rebar, and 3/8” Ground Rod
  • Dual electronic release buttons
  • Predictive Force Monitoring
  • Slim and balanced handle design
  • 340° rotating head
  • Pre-crimp battery charge check
  • 280 crimps per charge on 3/0 AL splices with 2.0Ah battery
  • 6 ton output force
  • One Key enabled
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Available November 2020


Force Logic Features

The versatile Milwaukee Force Logic 6T Linear Crimper has a ton of features designed specifically for giving linemen better control over their work.

Milwaukee Utility Crimper

Dual electronic release buttons let both lefties and righties work without having to change hand positions. The system also includes eight interchangeable jaws to help you out with crimping up to 4/0 line taps and cut 750MCM Cu, 1000MCM Al, 477 ACSR, ½” EHS Guy Wire, 3/8” Rebar, and 3/8” Ground Rod.

Milwaukee Utility Crimper

Predictive Force Monitoring

Notably, the Milwaukee 2978-20 features Predictive Force Monitoring (PFM). This adaptive pressure control system constantly measures force-output up to 6 tons. It makes sure the Milwaukee Linear Crimper delivers consistent speed and force. It also keeps it from bogging down on larger connectors.

The Force Logic Linear Crimper uses a green LED indicator to let you know you’ve achieved the correct pressure on the crimp. It basically provides instant pressure verification. A pre-crimp battery check also ensures that you have enough charge to complete the crimp before it begins. This sounds like a small thing—but you don’t want to have your tool run out of juice and get stuck on an electrical cable! This feature has been part of the Milwaukee Force Logic lineup for a while, but it’s worth noting again for its usefulness.

280 Crimps Per Charge

However, running out of juice won’t be a common ailment with the Milwaukee Linear Crimper. When paired with the CP2.0Ah battery pack, for instance, you can complete 280 crimps per charge on 3/0 AL splices. It doles out consistent performance in -4°F to 140°F temperatures. The crimper also comes sealed to keep out dirt, dust, and moisture.

Milwaukee Utility Crimper

Finally, the Milwaukee M18 6T Linear Crimper features One-Key technology, allowing you to sync the tool up wirelessly with your mobile device or desktop. You can upload data and history, creating custom reports that track the pressure and timing of every crimp, identify where and when the tool was last seen. It also monitors the tool’s use and service intervals.


Kits and Availability

The Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 6T Linear Crimper should hit stores coming up in November. You’ll have the option of picking it up as a bare tool or kitted in a variety of configurations:

  • Snub Nose Jaw (2978-22)
  • BG-D3 Jaw (2978-22BG)
  • Kearney Jaw (2978-22K)
  • O-D3 Jaw (2978-22O)
  • BG-D3 Jaw and Cutting Jaws (2978-22BGKIT)
  • O-D3 and Cutting Jaws (2978-22OKIT)

All of these 6T linear crimper kit options come with Milwaukee’s 5-year warranty.

Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 6T Linear Utility Crimper Specs

  • Model: Milwaukee 2978-20
  • Output Force: 6 tons
  • Length: 19.9 in.
  • Height: 5.1 in.
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs.
  • Head Rotation: 340°
  • Full Pressure Indicator
  • Adaptive Pressure Control: PFM
  • One Key Enabled
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Available November 2020
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