October 25, 2021

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Hilti Cordless Drill and Driver Updates for 2020

Best Hilti Tools at World of Concrete 2020 - SF 6H-A22 Hammer Drill with ATC

Hilti made a big splash at World of Concrete with innovations in, well, concrete tools. They’re not neglecting some of the cross-trade tools, though. There are a couple of significant updates to some of Hilti’s drills and drivers worth noting, especially if you like working with more compact designs.

Hilti 12V Brushless Tools

Hilti came out with a series of three 12V drills and drivers a few years ago. The designs are solid and they do good work. The next generation is here and they’re sporting brushless motors along with a couple of other minor updates.

If you’re not familiar with the lineup, there’s a hammer drill, impact driver, and driver available.

Best Hilti Tools at World of Concrete 2020 - 12V Brushless Drills and Drivers

Hilti expanded the line recently, adding a brushless one-hand reciprocating saw that’s in a virtual tie with Milwaukee’s M12 Fuel Hackzall at the top and well ahead of anything else available on a 12V platform.

Hilti 12V One-Hand Reciprocating Saw SR 2-A12 Review

One other thing to keep in mind is that Hilti has advanced 12V batteries. They use 21700 lithium-ion cells to give you the runtime of a 4.0Ah battery in a slim pack housing.

Power Class Drill Updates with ATC

Best Hilti Tools at World of Concrete 2020 - SF 6H-A22 Hammer Drill with ATCThe other big news comes on the 22V side of Hilti’s cordless system. Its SF 6H-A22 got an ATC upgrade—Active Torque Control—with the last generation and the latest update adds a brushless motor.

ATC is a system that trickles down from Hilti’s rotary hammer line, adding technology that senses when the bit binds and stops the motor. It’s a big boost in safety that helps prevent injuries to your wrist and elbow.

The brushless motor kicks in some additional RPMs on the top end (1600 RPM to 2000 RPM) and provides more soft torque (442 in-lbs to 531 in-lbs). Hilti is listing the same 708 in-lbs hard torque value, though.

You can take a closer look at all of Hilti’s cordless tools by visiting its website.

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