October 28, 2021

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Ryobi Automotive Power Inverters

Ryobi Portable Power Sources Keep You Going On the Go

We love a good battery power inverter. They open up our battery packs to even more applications than their primary purpose: to power our cordless tools. They help us keep our phones and other devices charged up at the jobsite or when we’re off-grid, which we find incredibly helpful. Ryobi has some experience in this field already, having produced a couple smaller power inverters and an 1800W Power Station Inverter. Joining that lineup in November, the Ryobi Automotive Power Inverters give us even more power options when we’re on the go.

Ryobi Automotive Power Inverters: The Big Deal

What makes the Ryobi Automotive Power Inverters different from the brand’s previous efforts? Two things, notably their power output and their versatility with power sources.

The Ryobi 18V One+ 120 Watt Automotive Inverter provides 120 Watts of continuous output. With one 120V output and two USB-A outputs, Ryobi has designed the RYi120AVNM as a solution for powering laptops, tablets, cell phones, fans, and other small electronics. It draws power either from your vehicle’s 12V power port via the included adaptor or from a Ryobi 18V battery.

For even more powering options, the Ryobi 18V One+ 800 Watt Max Power Inverter can use alligator clamps to provide 800 watts power directly from your car’s battery. Or, you can use a Ryobi 18V battery for 300 watts of portable power. On the road, you can also plug into your vehicle’s 12V DC power port for 120 watts of continuous power (while your vehicle is running, of course).

The RYi8030AVNM features two 120V outlets, two USB-A ports, one USB-C PD port, and a 12V DC power socket for powering multiple devices at once. Ryobi tells us that this is their highest-powered One+ inverter available, twice that of the RYi150BG 150-Watt inverter (when using an 18V battery pack for both models).

Ryobi Automotive Power Inverters Price

You can expect both of the Ryobi Automotive Power Inverters to launch in November. You’ll be able to find them at Home Depot, both in stores and online. The 120 Watt Automotive Inverter will retail for $49.97 while the 800 Watt Max Power Inverter will run you $129. Both options come with Ryobi’s 3-year limited warranty.

Ryobi Automotive Power Inverters Specifications

Ryobi RYi120AVNM 18V One+ 120 Watt Automotive Inverter

  • Power Output: 120W of continuous output
  • Power Input: 18V One+ battery, 12V DC power port
  • Outlets: (1) 120V outlet, (2) USB-A outlets
  • Includes: Inverter, 12V adaptor cable, 18V adaptor cable
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Available: November 2021
  • Price: $49.97

Ryobi RYi8030AVNM 18V One+ 800 Watt Max Power Inverter

  • Power Output: 800W when connected to an automotive battery; 300W when connected to 18V One+ battery; 150W when connected to 12V outlet
  • Power Input: Vehicle battery, 18V One+ battery, 12V DC power port
  • Outlets: (2) 120V outlets, (2) USB-A ports, (1) USB-C PD port, and (1) 12V DC power socket
  • LED Light: Yes
  • Includes: Inverter, 12V adaptor cable, clamp car battery adaptor cable
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Available: November 2021
  • Price: $129

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