Clint DeBoer Power Tools and Hand Tools of Choice

This is a list of my preferred power tools. You may not agree with all my selections, but I feel they represent a good balance between budget and performance for the remodeler who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty in projects involving framing, siding, electrical, and interior work.

Clint DeBoer power tools

I’m a remodeler who deals with older homes and prefers to keep things on a budget. I know the value of great tools, but I don’t necessarily have the shop space to maintain a cabinet-grade collection. For example, I don’t own a biscuit joiner and probably never will. I do enjoy using good tools and recognize that a great tool (like a router, for example) can put a nice touch on a project and is worth its weight in gold.

That makes me a great shopper and a harsh critic of what’s available on the market. I want good tools, but I won’t hesitate to try something new in the hopes that it’s going to perform “above its pay grade”. If you want to know which power tools Clint DeBoer uses regularly, this is your list.

Motto: When you hear that guy on TV introduce a job, come back from a commercial, and announce that it’s all done and they’re moving on the next part of the project… that’s me doing the work in the commercial break… except that it really took 3 days, not 3 minutes!

I love working on old houses. They have tons of character, charm and present challenging opportunities to use cool tools. From roofing, to framing, to plumbing, to electrical, I enjoy it all (OK, I lied about the plumbing—only masochists enjoy that). In either case, my favorite tools are generally powered by air or lithium-ion batteries. There is nothing quite like firing a half dozen nails into a window frame in less than the same number of seconds… or driving home 30 screws into dense hardibacker board in under 2 minutes.

I have a great love for both hand and power tools, and I’m prepared to call out those manufacturers who don’t build them in ways that are rugged, ergonomic and powerful. This list changes a bit more frequently than I care to admit, but I’ll try to keep it updated as best I can.

Power Tools

Air Tools

Hand Tools & Miscellaneous Tools

These are the power tools Clint DeBoer uses regularly (and hand tools, and pneumatic tools, etc). The bottom line is every tool here has some characteristic I find noteworthy—and, as you can see, I’ve reviewed many of them personally.

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Oleg K

You are my hero! Most pros (and, especially, those who listen to pros and then pass off the advice they were given as experience) would quickly condemn you for not sticking with one brand for all your needs! Not me though. I, for one, firmly believe that, whether corded or cordless, because not a single tool manufacturer offers a lineup that perfectly corresponds to all my needs it’s more than ok to not be loyal to a single brand and especially system, this is why I also have a mix and match setup. My drills are Milwaukee’s one key M18,… Read more »

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