Crescent Tools: Trusted By the Trades News & Opinion

Crescent Tools: Trusted By the Trades

Crescent Tools is rolling out a new brand identity and it marks some major changes. With a name that goes back more than 100 years, Crescent Tools is part of the Apex Tool Group with more than 30 brands under their flag. Several of these are going to come together, though.

Starting in 2018, five brands will come together – and you likely know several of them. Lufkin (measuring), Wiss (cutting), Nicholson (files and saws), and H.K. Porter (heavy-duty cutting) are all going to operate with the Crescent name. The new Crescent group will represent more than 2,600 products.

The group will take on branding in color, typography, product design, and logo to make each product easier to identify as being part of the Crescent Tools brand.


What Crescent Says

“The Crescent brand has been trusted by professional tradespeople for well over 100 years. We are building on this trust by expanding the Crescent offering to include products not only from Crescent, but from several other respected hand tool brands in the Apex Tool Group portfolio. This expansion will give our customers a wider selection of quality products from which to choose, all under the Crescent name.”

– Curt Weber, Senior Director, Brand Management

“We’re extremely excited about this major expansion of the Crescent brand. A substantial marketing initiative for the brand is planned for 2018, including a comprehensive multi‑media advertising campaign and a potential partnership with NASCAR and Chip Ganassi Racing. This investment will provide additional energy to the brand and demonstrate that Crescent is committed to continued growth.”

– Rena Fiorello, Senior Marketing Manager, Brand Management for Crescent

Crescent Tools: Trusted By the Trades

Crescent Tools Brand Changes

  • Crescent/Lufkin
  • Crescent/Wiss
  • Crescent/Nicholson
  • Crescent/H.K. Porter



Sometimes rebranding is a good thing for any business when you understand what your goals are rather than just aimlessly trying to find your identity. It seems like Apex is taking a good approach with the rebranding of these 5 brands. After all, there aren’t many tradesmen who haven’t heard the Crescent name. Seriously, how many people ask for an “adjustable wrench”? They nearly all ask for a Crescent wrench.

Overall, I like the concept and the new branding itself. What’s curious to me are the names – Crescent/Lufkin, etc. It’s like a tool group within a tool group. While I understand the need to maintain the reputation that each of these brands has in the marketplace currently, I’d rather see them roll with this for 6 months or a year, then move to just the Crescent name. But that’s just my opinion.


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What do you mean “maintain the reputation”? They gave up their reputation when they sold out to slavery and their products became garbage, which always happens when things are made by slaves. I’m far too poor to buy cheap junk.