EGO Products At GIE 2017

EGO Products At GIE

Recently, we had the chance to wander around the GIE Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. Vendors spread out over what felt like miles of convention hall space, creating a vast expanse of power tools, tractors, mowers, hardscapes, and accessories. But standing tall and proud in the middle of a sea of manufacturers, the EGO booth shone like a beacon of cordless, battery-powered wonder from the middle of the showroom floor. We got the chance to talk to some of the good folks at the company to see what EGO products at GIE are likely to be all the rage over the next year.

EGO Power Plus Arc Lithium 56V Platform

All the EGO products at GIE this year run off the company’s 56V Power Plus Arc Lithium Battery Platform. In and of itself, that’s not particularly breaking news. Newer to the EGO battery lineup this year, the 2.5Ah pack joins the 2.0Ah, 4.0Ah, 5.0Ah, and 7.5Ah batteries. Like the other models, this battery features Ego’s patented Arc Lithium design. Combined with the proprietary “Keep Cool” technology (EGO wraps each cell in a heat shield), EGO’s Arc Lithium pack design helps dissipate heat from the battery. This result is a battery that stays cool, maintaining power and performance.

EGO Products At GIE

EGO Mowers

EGO Products At GIE

As the foundation of their cordless OPE platform, lawnmowers highlight the list of EGO products at GIE 2017. These mowers come in a variety of models that offer something to fit just about everyone’s needs. 20″ and 21″ decks are both options, as well as self-propelled or push mower models. All models have adjustable cut heights along with adjustable handle heights and they feature LED lighting.  Boasting run times of up to 85 minutes on a 7.5Ah battery, these mowers will bring cordless convenience to your lawn work.

To learn more about EGO’s line of battery-powered mowers, visit their website.

EGO Blowers

The EGO LB6000 Backpack Blower was among the blower-related EGO products at GIE this year. Popular and powerful, the brushless motor and turbine fan engineering on this blower offer up 600 CFM and 145 MPH air speeds. The LB6000 features a turbo boost, variable speed control, an adjustable harness and waistbelt, and an IPx4 water resistance rating. With the 7.5Ah battery, this blower can run for up to 180 minutes on a charge. That’s at low speed, of course.

EGO Products At GIE

EGO 56V Snow Blower

EGO Products At GIE

On the other end of the blowing spectrum, the EGO 56V Snow Blower offers a robust steel construction and cordless snow blowing power. Operating with Peak Power Technology, which combines the power of any two Arc Lithium batteries, the SNT2100 can run for up to 90 minutes when using two of the 7.5Ah batteries.

It also features a variable auger speed adjustment, LED headlights, and has the capability to launch snow up to 35′ away. This 21″ wide snowblower folds up in seconds for easy storage.

EGO Products At GIE

EGO Chainsaws

EGO Products At GIE

We’re pretty big fans of EGO’s line of cordless chainsaws, including the CS1400 and CS1600. Both models were also included in the lineup of EGO products at GIE this year. While these saws received pretty high marks in our review, there’s also an artistic side to their use. As it turns out, these chainsaws function exceedingly well in log sculpting applications. This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen the chainsaws used this way, but it never gets old to watch again.

With a 7.5Ah battery, the chainsaws can make up to 450 cuts on a single charge. Each one weighs in under 9 pounds without the battery. Both models feature Oregon bars and chains and chain brakes. And with a 5 oz. oil reservoir and automatic oiling, you can rest assured that these chainsaws won’t jam up or die on you in the middle of your tree maintenance (or artistic) endeavors.

New EGO Products at GIE 2017

The newest product launch from EGO comes by way of the EGO Power Plus Multi-Head System. Like many of the cordless tools that EGO makes, we find it pretty useful. Versatile, well-balanced, and handy, this rear-mounted, single power unit weighs in at a paltry 5.8 lbs. The notable feature of this model is that it can be used in conjunction with available string trimmer, edger, hedge trimmer, and pole saw attachments. An extension pole is also available to extend your reach with the saws. And the hedge trimmer isn’t a typo – an articulating pole hedge trimmer accessory is on its way!

EGO Products At GIE

This system features a brushless motor, variable speed controls, and tool-free quick change coupling mechanism. EGO constructed the drive shaft from 7mm of durable, solid steel. The drive tube is made from lightweight aluminum.

The power unit retails for $149, with the other attachments priced around $99 apiece. Kits are available as well if you know you’ll be using the system for trimming and edging. The EGO Multi-Head System is available exclusively from Home Depot. All things considered, the EGO Power Plus Multi-Head System gives users a relatively inexpensive inroad to tackling the majority of trimming and pruning applications without buying a completely separate tool for each one.

Final Thoughts

There’s a reason we’re so high on EGO cordless OPE products. They’re among the top performers in each category, are on the cutting edge of innovation for their class, and they tend to give you a lot of bang for your buck. But while EGO didn’t have quite as many new products to show off this year at GIE, there are some things they have in the works that are going to get the entire industry’s attention. Keep your eyes locked on Pro Tool Review and Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews to see when the latest product announcements go public. And, of course, we’ll have the reviews for you.

To learn more about EGO’s line of battery-powered tools operating on the Arc Lithium platform, visit their website.

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Any talk of an Ego Wood chipper? I would be 1st in line to get one.

Bob Mondik

My Ego mower speeds up and boys down when I let go of the self drive , then speeds up again. I keep me blade sharp, clean underneath often. I am not happy with the mulching. I have to lower blade to lowest setting to mulch. This is too short for my yard. Please get back to me.
My mower is 2.5 years old. Thanks.

Ryan Jacob

I have the EGO backpack blower and it is really awesome! In my opinion, it outperforms most gas powered blowers that I have used in the past. I specifically was looking for a battery powered blower to replace my 15 year old electric model and came across this and it has been great. I specifically looked for a backpack blower because many of the higher powered handheld models are a little heavy and wear on the arms after about 10-15 minutes of use.

Matt Weaver

Was there any mention of the brush cutter attachment to the power head? I know they have it in Europe.

Bryan Ruby

Any talk at the show of a two-stage snow blower by EGO?

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