Ryobi Tape Measure Review

PTR Review
  • Pro Review 8.5

The Ryobi Tape Measure won't blow you away with any of the bells and whistles that might come with a more expensive brand, but it's accurate, it's comfortable, it's durable, and at under $9, it offers an incredible value.

Overall Score 8.5 (out of 10)

Last Updated on September 23, 2022

Many of you know about Ryobi’s corner of the cordless power tool market. If you drew a Venn diagram where one circle represents the “professional market,” and another circle represented the “DIY market,” Ryobi would exist in that area where the two circles overlap. They make really affordable cordless tools and they have a really deep stable of tools that operate on the One+ battery platform. The Ryobi RTM25 tape measure provides just one more example of a well-positioned tool.

The Ryobi Tape Measure was actually the company’s first foray into the hand tool world. Characteristic of the way the company approaches tool making, this tool is functional, accurate, and durable. It might be devoid of frills but at less than $8, who really cares?

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Ryobi Tape Measure Accuracy

Accuracy is at least half of the equation when it comes to effective tape measures, and probably the more important half. Rest assured that the 25′ Ryobi Tape Measure has accuracy for days. We double-checked it using the Lixer Master calibration tool, and the measurement markings on the blade were right on the money.

Milwaukee Tape Measure

Ryobi RTM25 Tape Measure Blade

Like we said earlier, the 25′ Ryobi is a really bare-bones approach to the professional grade tape measure. Some other tapes feature a nylon coating, or double-sided blade printing, architectural scales, or finger brakes, but not the Ryobi. One thing that the Ryobi does do that we don’t see everywhere: fractional markings on the blades. These markings help take some of the guesswork out of reading the tape.

Ryobi Tape Measure


The Ryobi Tape Measure features a compact design that fits comfortably in the hand. The rubber overmolding feels good, and because of the compact size, the thumb lock is easily accessible.

Ryobi Tape Measure

The downside to this ultra-compact design is that there has to be a compromise somewhere, and Ryobi chose to use a relatively narrow tape in the design. The slimness of the tape affects the tape’s standout, which punches in at about a foot less than we would prefer for a pro model.

Ryobi Tape Measure

We also would’ve preferred a bigger clip. Functionally, there’s nothing wrong with the wire clip design. Milwaukee utilized a wire clip that worked really well and wound up being one of our favorites. The problem with Ryobi’s revolves around its size. The clip has the appropriate amount of strength and rigidity, but it is a bit undersized.

Ryobi Tape Measure

Ryobi Tape Measure Pricing and Value

Ryobi shines in the value department. This is generally the case with the Ryobi brand, and the tape measure isn’t any different. It retails for just $7.98, making it a tremendous value. Most tape measures cost upwards of $20 or more.


For Ryobi’s first hand tool, the 25′ Tape Measure is a pretty valiant effort. It’s accurate, it’s compact, and it’s ergonomic. There’s a little room for improvement since the blade width affects its standout and the belt clip is a little too small.

But where this tool really shines is in its value rating. $8 is easily the cheapest tape measure we looked at in our recent round-up, and most cost twice as much. Granted, the more expensive tapes do generally offer more features, but if you’re more budget conscious, and all you really need is an accurate out-of-the-box tape, the Ryobi Tape Measure might be your best bet.

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Ryobi Tape Measure Features & Specs

  • Model: Ryobi RTM25
  • Length: 25′
  • Mark Lines: 1/16″
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Price: $7.98 

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