June 18, 2021

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Makita AWS Auto-Start Wireless System – UPDATED

Makita AWS Auto-Start Wireless System

One of the benefits of having a Pro-level dust extractor is auto tool activation. It allows the extractor to start automatically when it senses power running to the tool you plug into it. But there are some limitations that come along with it on a couple of fronts. Makita tackles them with a new technology – Makita AWS, or Auto-Start Wireless System.

Makita AWS Auto-Start Wireless System

Cordless Auto Tool Activation

If you’re using a cordless tool, you’re not connecting to your dust extractor as a power source. So the extractor doesn’t know when to kick on. At STAFDA’s 2017 convention in Austin, Texas, Makita AWS was unveiled for us to take our first look at how they solve the problem.

It’s brilliantly simple – Makita puts a Bluetooth chip in both the tool and dust extractor. Once you pair them, the tool sends a start signal to the extractor when you pull the trigger. Let go of the trigger and you get the typical 5-second run delay to clear the hose before the extractor shuts off again.

Makita AWS Auto-Start Wireless System

Future Tools with Makita AWS

UPDATE – model numbers and release dates are now available!

  • Makita XSL04ZU 18V X2 LXT 10″ Miter Saw with AWS – Winter 2018
  • Makita XPS02ZU 18V X2 LXT Plunge Cut Saw with AWS – Winter 2018
  • Makita XRH07PTU 18V X2 LXT 1-9/16″ AVT Rotary Hammer with AWS – January 2018
  • Makita XAG17ZU 18V LXT 5″ Paddle Switch Grinder with AWS – February 2018
  • Makita XAG17ZU 18V LXT 5″ Slide Switch Grinder with AWS – February 2018
  • Makita XCV08Z 18V X2 2.1 Gallon HEPA Dry Dust Extractor with AWS – January 2018

But Wait, There’s More!

Notice anything about the tools on the Makita AWS list?

The corded versions of those tools run between 9 and 15 amps. You’re not going to use a dust extractor’s power supply to run those tools. There’s just not enough power available on the circuit to run both.

Makita AWS Auto-Start Wireless System

Even if you can run a 9-amp grinder through the extractor, you’ll have to turn down the vacuum power too much to remain OSHA-compliant in concrete grinding applications. So in addition to solving the issue of running auto tool activation for cordless tools, Makita AWS also solves the problem of how to do it with tools that draw much greater power!

The Bottom Line

Solving the problem of how to have auto tool activation with a cordless tool is only the beginning of the Makita Auto-Start Wireless System brilliance. It also allows us to run tools that draw more power and still use the auto-start feature. While there are only 4 tools in the system currently, this is just the beginning of Makita’s smart tool initiative.

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they need to add a AWS battey, so non aws tools can take advantage of it.


So basically i have to renew all my makita kit is that right


The links above to the miter and plunge are non-AWS models.


I just bought the 18vx2 track saw. Is there going to be some way of adapting this to use the Bluetooth technology?


Got to love Bluetooth. Seems like a feature that could be implemented into Milwaukee OneKey. First they would have to get OneKey into more tools. Nothing against Makita, expect none of my current tools are them.

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