October 27, 2021

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New DAP DynaGrip Construction Adhesives Preview

DynaGrip construction adhesives

DAP recently announced its new DAP DynaGrip construction adhesives including latex, solvent, and hybrid formulas designed to deliver bonds in a matter of hours in all weather conditions. DynaGrip adhesives are compliant with stringent Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) regulations and appropriate for installation of subfloors, drywall, heavy remodeling, and new construction.

Our Take on DAP DynaGrip

There’s a good chance that you’ve used DAP products whenever you’ve had to caulk, foam, seal, patch, or adhere materials to each other. Their Alex caulk remains a staple of painters everywhere. It’s no surprise: since its humble beginnings in the 1860s as a maker of sealing wax for food canning, DAP has innovated and acquired other innovators to offer a deep line of products to its customers. There’s even an Invention Submission tab on DAP’s website today. How cool is that—a company that not only does its own R&D but also understands sometimes great ideas comes from the jobsite or just a tinkerer in his shop?

“Formulated with the latest adhesive technologies and DAP’s commitment to quality and performance, professionals can count on the versatility and strength of DynaGrip products to get even the toughest jobs done right the first time. DynaGrip provides a grip that outperforms, ensuring a durable, long-lasting bond.”

Kate Piche, Group Product Director at DAP

As any woodworker can tell you, the beauty of a good adhesive is the bond strength advantage it has over mechanical fasteners. Two pieces of wood screwed together will pull apart more easily than if the pieces were glued together with a high-quality adhesive. In fact, the wood would likely rip along its grain before the bond failed. Adhesives have other advantages, as well: they don’t loosen, corrode, or split/damage the material. And So DAP has introduced what very well seems like a superior line of DAP DynaGrip construction adhesives. The new products offer those advantages as well as fast curing in any weather condition and safe application.

Below you’ll see a breakdown of each new DynaGrip product. We really like the project specificity, so we know we’re using the right adhesive for the job. There is an all-purpose adhesive, too, but narrowing the project scope down to drywall, or tub surround, or mirror-marble-granite is quite helpful. And knowing that these adhesives set up quickly no matter how hot or cold it is inside or out gives us peace of mind and the ability to get on with the rest of the job.

New DAP DynaGrip Construction Adhesives

Heavy Duty

  • DAP DynaGrip Heavy Duty for heavier remodeling jobs. This high-performance latex technology provides a strong permanent bond. DAP DynaGrip also bonds a wide range of building materials for interior and exterior construction jobs.
  • DAP DynaGrip Heavy Duty Max features hybrid technology which DAP claims delivers much higher strength for tough applications where bond strength and speed are critical.


  • DAP DynaGrip 4000 Subfloor offers a high-strength weatherproof bond on wet, frozen and treated lumber, this can be applied in freezing temperatures. It’s PFS certified to exceed ASTM D 3498 specifications.
  • DAP DynaGrip Advanced Subfloor provides a weatherproof bond that improves the structural performance of subfloor assembly. This solvent based adhesive won’t freeze and has a VOC compliant formula that exceeds ASTM D 3498 specifications.
  • DAP DynaGrip Subfloor is a VOC compliant adhesive that helps prevent floor squeaks. This adhesive meets ASTM D 3498 specifications.
DAP Dynagrip Construction Adhesives

Project Specific

  • DAP DynaGrip Mirror-Marble-Granite features hybrid technology that DAP claims to deliver faster bond strength. With permanent vertical hold in one hour, this formula is for installation of mirrors and countertops. DynaGrip Mirror-Marble-Granite is safe to use on granite and marble.
  • DAP DynaGrip Tub Surround is specifically formulated for installing tub surrounds. It’s guaranteed safe for showers, and won’t burn or etch surrounding material. It applies white and dries clear.
  • DAP DynaGrip Wood-Panel-Trim for bonding all trim materials including wood, foam, and PVC. This latex formula features instant grab.
  • DAP DynaGrip Drywall prevents nail pops and helps limit sound and air movement between walls. This instant grab formula is for installing drywall panels on vertical walls and ceilings.
  • DAP DynaGrip Foamboard adheres all foamboard materials to a wide range of substrates. It does so without the risk of etching or burning through. It’s compatible with XPS (extruded) and EPS (expanded) foam boards.


  • DAP DynaGrip All Purpose is for interior projects which require a strong permanent bond. This VOC compliant formula provides adhesion to common building materials and features instant grab.

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Quick tip: use wax from a toilet bowl ring to seal the end of the tubes. I have never had an adhesive or sealant dry or go bad using this method. A little on the end is all you need.

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