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Ridgid Tape Measure Review: 25′ Model 625

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Ultimately, Ridgid makes a functional and accurate tape measure that clips easily to your belt and fits comfortably in your hand. It does suffer a bit in the standout and value categories, but at the end of the day, ponying up $25 will get you a durable tape measure that will get the job done.

Overall Score 4.2 Shootout Results

You’ve probably noticed an uptick in tape measure coverage from us recently, and the reason for that is simple: we love a good tape measure. We love them so much that we grabbed nine 25′ tape measures from various manufacturers, and we pit them against each other in our recent shootout.  We tested each tape measure’s accuracy, durability, clip and hook design, ergonomics, visibility, standout and throw, value, and feature set. Today, we’re taking a closer look at our 7th place finisher, the 25′ Ridgid Tape Measure.

Before getting any further with all of this, I should mention that the Ridgid’s finishing spot might give the impression that it really didn’t do all that well in our shootout. But, the truth is that the competition between tape measures was very close, and but for a few factors, this tape measure could have finished in the top three. This Ridgid model ties together a pretty solid mix of accuracy, blade features, and durability. And, what do you really need on the jobsite from a tape measure? It probably helps to have all those things.


The first and probably most important expectation that we have for our tape measures revolves around the tool’s accuracy. If a tape measure isn’t accurate, what good is it really? That being the case, we measured all our tape measures against the Lixer Master calibration tool, which has a +/- 0.0005″ accuracy rating. Well, fear not, because the Ridgid Tape Measure measured up with a perfect score on accuracy.Milwaukee Tape Measure



Where just about every tape measure’s accuracy was on-point straight out of the box, our durability testing started to separate models from one another. To gauge durability, we drop-tested each tape measure from the top of a ten-foot ladder. We actually took 36 trips up the ladder to put these tape measures through their paces, and as a tape measure lost its functionality, we eliminated it from the durability competition. Ridgid Tape Measure

There were a few models that survived all 36 drops, and the Ridgid Tape Measure fit into this category. Ridgid uses a steel faceplates on the front and back with an impact-resistant rubber overmolding to help offer greater durability, and the design is effective. At the end of our testing, it looked like the Ridgid Tape Measure had seen better days; part of the lock had snapped off and the blade could use some help retracting. But, for all intents and purposes, it still functioned well enough to get through the day.

Feature Set & Design

The Ridgid Tape Measure blade features double-sided printing and a nylon coating to help reduce abrasions. These features were included in a few models we looked at, but it really wasn’t a standard we saw on all of them.

The tape comes with a stainless steel belt clip. This design works well for sliding on and off your belt with ease, but we do have a few questions about the strength of the design for people that are tough on tapes.

Ridgid Tape Measure

The Ridgid model also features a double-sided hook for more versatility, and a slot for attaching the hook to a nail. Again, this feature isn’t unique to the Ridgid model, but it’s still nice to have.

Ridgid Tape Measure

One area where the Ridgid does shine above some the other models is in the ergonomics category. Where some models kind of make you fight to get your hand around them, or perhaps just aren’t that comfortable to hold onto, the Ridgid fits naturally and comfortably in the hand.

Ridgid Tape Measure

Areas For Improvement

I mentioned that there are a few areas where the Ridgid Tape Measure slumps a bit, keeping it from a better finishing position in our shootout. One of those areas came down to the blade’s standout and throw. We typically like at least an 8′ standout on our Pro model tape measures to get past sheet material, but the Ridgid falls a few inches short. Ultimately, there are 6 models from our shootout that give you more standout.

Ridgid Tape Measure

Like standout, we want to see at least 8′ of throw to get beyond sheet material. Ridgid checks this box off with a 100″ throw (8′, 4″). While it’s acceptable, there were 6 competitors that bested Ridgid in our testing.

Ridgid suffers a bit in the value category. With a retail price of $24.39, its price is a bit high for the performance and features. While there are more expensive models in our test (Milwaukee and DeWalt), they hold up better from a durability standpoint.


Check out the entire group in our shootout!

Best Tape Measure Shootout

Ridgid Tape MeasureRidgid Tape Measure Features

  • Built-in shock bumper reducing impact when rewinding
  • Double-sided full steel hook. The slotted feature allows you to hook onto a nail
  • Stainless steel case with full surround anti-slip rubber offers more durability and comfort while easily resisting impacts
  • Heavy-duty, 2-sided nylon-coated blade, resists abrasion and breakage
  • Superior blade-to-hook strength
  • Wide blades featuring large numbers for easier reading
  • Durable stainless steel belt clip
  • Tape measures with rubber grip and stainless bodies tape available in 16′ and 25′ lengths
  • Extra wide 1 1/16″ heavy-duty, 2-sided nylon coated blade, resists abrasion and breakage
  • Anti-slip rubber surround with stainless clad case, grips in the toughest conditions

Ridgid Tape Measure Specs

  • Model: Ridgid 625
  • Length: 25′
  • Mark Lines: 1/16″
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Price:  $24.39


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