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Klein Scout Pro 3 Tester Starter Kit VDV501-851

Klein Scout Pro 3

Klein’s Next-Gen Scout Pro Tester Further Simplifies VDV Work

Klein Tools has just introduced the Scout Pro 3 Tester, the newest model in their line of voice/data/video cable testing equipment. The new Klein Scout Pro 3 locates and tests coax, data, and telephone cables—like an all-in-one cable installation and troubleshooting solution.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: VDV501-851
  • Test voice (RJ11/12), data (RJ45) and video (coax F-connector) cables
  • Measure cable length (up to 2,000 feet)
  • Backlit LCD screen displays cable length, wiremap, cable ID and test results
  • Self-Storing Test+Map Remote
  • Test for Open, Short, Miswire or Split-Pair faults
  • Tone cables, wire pairs and individual conductor wires (requires analog probe Cat. No. VDV500-123; sold separately)
  • Hub blink mode to identify port location on a hub or a switch
  • LanMap and CoaxMap Location Remotes (5 each) to map and ID multiple cable runs in a single step
  • Include voltage warning, shield detection, auto power-off and low battery indicator
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: $89.99

Initial Thoughts

It’s rare to find so many solutions all packed into one tool. The Klein Tools Scout Pro 3 Tester Starter Kit makes it even easier for professionals to test VDV cables. You can test voice (RJ11/12), data (RJ45), and even video/CATV (coax F-connector) cables.

Klein seems to have taken user feedback into account when designing this kit. They increased the size of the backlit display and even simplified the user interface with more direct-access buttons and easy access to settings.

Key Features

The Klein Scout Pro 3 Tester Starter kit replaces the older Scout Pro 2 model. The new Scout Pro 3 lets you test terminated voice, data, and video cables with clearly defined results. It tests cable lengths up to 2,000 feet (same as the Scout 2), but features a larger, backlit LCD screen with a simplified interface. It makes it even easier to test for open, short, miswire, and split-pair faults.

Klein Scout Pro 3

Using the included LanMap and CoaxMap location remotes, you can test multiple cable runs in a single step. The remotes store away inside the base of the unit.

For those already working with Klein’s Analog Probe, you can tone test cables, wire pairs, and individual conductor wires.

The Klein Scout Pro 3 Tester includes a voltage warning and shield detection. An auto-power off feature saves battery life. Speaking of batteries—with a 9V battery, you can expect to get about 50 hours of runtime.


The Klein Scout Pro 3 Tester Starter Kit retails for $89.99. It comes with a 2-year warranty, and you can pick it up from a variety of online and B&M locations. The kit comes with the Klein Scout Pro 3 Tester, one self-storing remote, five LanMap RJ45 locator remotes, five CoaxMap F-connector locator remotes, a coax F-connector, a manual, and a 9V battery.

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Klein Scout Pro 3 Tester Specs

  • Model: VDV501-851
  • Cable type: Shielded or Unshielded; Cat7A, Cat7, Cat6A, Cat 6, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat3, Coaxial
  • Connection & adapter types: RJ11, RJ12, RJ45, Coax F
  • Supported remotes: 18
  • Faults Detected: Open, Short
  • Dimensions (LxHxW): 7 x 3 x 1.25 in.
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs.
  • Batteries: 9V
  • Runtime: 50 hours
  • Drop Protection: 2m
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: $89.99

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