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Best Tool Gifts for Father’s Day 2016

With the Celebration of Dad just a couple of weeks away, it can be tough to decide on the best tool gift for Father’s Day this year. We’d love to help you decide, just please, please don’t get another tie! Whether you’re breaking your piggy bank and using your allowance to honor Dad or dipping into your savings account, we’ve collected some of our absolute favorite and most requested gift ideas.

We know Dad is more than just a professional or hobbyist tool guy though. We’ve included ideas that go beyond the standard tools and can help him with his outdoor work and his outdoor play. Whatever you decide, we’re pretty sure he’s going to love anything from this list!


Best Tool Gifts For Father’s Day Under $25

Klein Beverage Tool (98002BT)

Klein Beverage Tool (98002BT)Why we’d love to have it:

The Klein Beverage Tool is a must have when enjoying your favorite adult beverage like Klein’s recent Linesman “Pliers”ner. Okay, so that was just an excellent April Fool’s joke by our friends at Klein, but the need for an opener is no joke. Not only is it functional, it also features Klein’s classic comfort grip and is sure to boost your reputation around the shop.

Get it for:

Pick this one up for anyone, though the electrician in your life will really appreciate the Klein name.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Acme Tools – $7.99

Stanley 25 Ft. PowerLock Tape Rule (33-425)

Stanley 25 Ft. PowerLock Tape Rule (33-425)Why we’d love to have it:

Stanley’s PowerLock 25-foot tape measure is a classic design. Reflective metal housing housing gives the user confidence in construction and offers corrosion resistance. The positive locking mechanism is easy to operate with your thumb.  Stanley wraps up the blade with a Mylar polyester coating and fastens the hook with three rivets to keep your tape measure in good shape for a long time.

Get it for:

This is a great gift for anyone from the DIYer to seasoned Pro across just about every sector of the industry.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Acme Tools – $9.99

Ryobi 4″ Drywall Repair Kit (A10DK41)

Ryobi 4-in Drywall Repair Kit (A10DK41)Why we’d love to have it:

Drywall + Life = Holes

It’s an inescapable equation that tends to affect homes with children in them more than others. No matter how careful you are, sooner or later you’re going to need a repair. In grand fashion, Ryobi makes it easy with an intuitive system that’s a matter of simply drill, cover, paint, and sand with their leave-in hole saw system. The Drywall Repair Kit takes care of damage up to 4 inches – that even covers Junior showing off how much his baseball swing has improved.

Get it for:

Every homeowner needs to have one of these in their house. Even if you don’t need it now, it’s a great product to have in the garage or shop for when you do.

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Milwaukee Shockwave Titanium 15-Pc Drill Bit Set (48-89-4630)

Milwaukee Shockwave Titanium 15 piece Drill Bit Set (48-89-4630)Why we’d love to have it:

You can go with a cheap set of drill bits and be back to the store next week to replace them. Milwaukee’s Titanium coating on these bits keeps them sharp longer. The variable helix design improves cutting speed in all materials. As part of the Shockwave line of accessories, they’re ready to go in your impact driver or drill/driver. This is a pro level set that will cover the majority of your hole drilling needs, though larger kits are available if your needs are more diverse.

Get it for:

Any professional that does a lot of hole making can use these. Drill bits are a consumable item since they get dull and break, so even if the Dad in your life has some, he can always use new ones.

Read our review!

Check out more details here.

Buy it at The Home Depot –$19.97

Ryobi 56-Piece Drilling and Driving Kit with DockIt Storage Tray (AR2083)

Ryobi 56-Pc Drilling and Driving Kit with Dockit Storage Tray (AR2083)Why we’d love to have it:

Ryobi’s 56-Piece Drilling and Driving Kit includes the most common drill bit sizes and driver bits that you’ll need. It’s been packed in a compact case that’s a great fit to go in your tool bag for the road. For home use, the kit comes with Ryobi’s DockIt storage tray. Whether sitting on your bench top or hanging on the wall, up to 5 Ryobi accessory kits can be stored on it so you’re never having to search for the bits you need.

Get it for:

Ryobi accessories are perfect to keep around the house for everyone.

Buy it at The Home Depot$19.97

Bosch 7 pc. Daredevil Wood Hole Saw Set (HCD007)

Bosch 7 pc. Daredevil Wood Hole Saw Set (HCD007)Why we’d love to have it:

When you see the Daredevil name on a Bosch accessory, you know that it’s designed to be the fastest cutting or longest lasting wood boring accessories on the market. This set of of seven Bosch Daredevil Hole Saws has been designed with Turbo teeth that work up to 5 times faster than standard hole saws. The set includes an arbor and pilot bit along with 1 inch, 1-1/2 inch, 1-3/4 inch, 2-inch, and 2-1/2 inch diameter hole saws.

Get it for:

Nearly everyone uses hole saws and they do get dull eventually, so any Pro will be happy to have a new set.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at The Home Depot – $20.97

Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Realtree Xtra Geen Camo Repeller

RealTreeAppliance_2014_RFP copyWhy we’d love to have it:

Summer: that time of year when we light up our grills and enjoy an outdoor supper before watching the sun set. Well, that’s what we planned before mosquitoes the size of an Apache attach helicopter drove us all inside. Thermacell is one of the most popular repellents against flying insects thanks to its effectiveness and spray-free nature. Thermacell uses a butane cartridge to heat a repellent soaked pad (with no open flame) that creates a 15′ x 15′ barrier around you. Clip it to your belt when you’re moving around on the jobsite or set it down next to the grill while you’re cooking. When it’s time for dinner, set out on on each corner to create a larger protective barrier.

Get it for:

Any pro who works outside, particularly around sunrise or sunset, will love not having to start the day by soaking himself with Deet.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at their The Home Depot – $22.34

Carhartt Force Extremes Short-Sleeve T-Shirt (101545)

Carhartt Force Extremes Short-Sleeve T-Shirt (101545)Why we’d love to have it:

Clothing technology has brought us way beyond the cotton t-shirts of old. Polyester is king now thanks to its breathabilty, moisture wicking, and straight up comfort. Carhartt’s Force Extreme Line is the fastest drying clothing they’ve ever made – perfect as the country turns to summer. The Carhartt Force Extremes Short-Sleeve T-Shirt kits like a typical cotton shirt, but is lightweight and soft while remaining durable.

Get it for:

This is a t-shirt that anyone can be excited about, whether you’re cutting concrete, installing electric, or knocking out a honey-do list.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Carhartt – $24.99

Best Tool Gifts For Father’s Day $25 – $50

StoneBreaker The Horseman Gloves

StoneBreaker The Horseman GlovesWhy we’d love to have it:

Work gloves are another consumable item – some last for a few days, others a few months. I’m pretty picky about the gloves I wear and my favorite are the classic yellow leather. StoneBreaker brings their Horseman glove to the table with the kind of style and durability I want in a glove. The Horseman is made from full grain deer skin with reinforced patches, double sewn seams, and extended cuffs for a combination of comfort, protection, and durability.

Get it for:

With the classic yellow leather, these are at home anywhere from the commercial jobsite to the ranch.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at their The Home Depot – $27.99

Woods WiOn Indoor Wi-Fi Current Tap (50055)

Woods WiOn Indoor Wi-Fi Current Tap (50055)Why we’d love to have it:

The Woods WiOn system connects to your home WiFi signal. With the app loaded up on your phone, you can remotely turn power on or off from anywhere since it’s not based on a Bluetooth connection. Need to turn on the slow cooker at 10:00 AM so that roast is ready? Boom, done without ever leaving your desk.

You can turn on lights before you enter your home when you come on late or even illuminate the exterior with outdoor use models. You can set power to come on at a specific time to coincide with your morning alarm, get the coffee started, or have the porch light come on at sunset. If you’re leaving for a long weekend or extended vacation, there’s even a setting to have lights powered up randomly to make it look like someone is home.

The system includes indoor and outdoor power strips, a power outlet/USB combo, and replacement light switches. You can put up to 12 connections in your home. Our favorite (so far) is the outlet/USB combo. Be on the lookout for our review soon!

Get it for:

Everyone can use this hi-tech upgrade to standard outlets.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at The Home Depot – $35.60

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen (31-001880)

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen (31-001880)Why we’d love to have it:

Gerber’s Impromptu Tactical Pen is Made in the USA and has been developed with help from law enforcement professionals. It’s made from machined steel to be ridgid and comes with a Rite in the Rain ballpoint pen cartridge, so it feels and writes like a quality pen. With the pen closed, the tempered tip can act as a defensive tool or to shatter glass in the case of an accident. We certainly don’t expect to ever have to use our tactical pen. Still, we carry a pen on us every day and it’s great to know what it can do if we need it to.

Get it for:

This is first and foremost a quality writing instrument that any Pro will appreciate. It just so happen that it might save his life one day.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Amazon – $38.78

Hart 20-Ounce Hatchet with Cover (HAT20SCH)

Hart 20 OZ. Hatchet with Cover (HAT20SCH)Why we’d love to have it:

I case you haven’t noticed, Hart makes great tools backed by a lifetime warranty. One of my favorites is the Hart 20-Ounce Hatchet. The forged head eliminates one of the most common failure points for a wood handled hatchet where the two meet. The SureGrip overmold provides a secure grip while also dampening some of the vibration. It comes with a full face cover to protect others from the edge and the edge against damage during transportation.

Get it for:

Unless you’re working in an office full time, the Hart 20-Ounce Hatchet is a tool you should have as part of your every day carry kit.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Acme Tools – $39.89

Kershaw Showtime (1955)

Kershaw Showtime (1955)Why we’d love to have it:

Kershaw’s Showtime is an outstanding combination of style and performance. It’s perfectly at home as a gentleman’s carry knife with sleek black oxide grinds and satin-polish flats. For function, it’s a spring assisted opening design with finger flipper. 8Cr13MoV steel is an excellent blend of strength and edge retention at this price point. A large frame lock give it’s opposite side the look of a knife that means business and the locking strength to back it up.

Get it for:

Guys can’t seem to collect enough knives and the Showtime is one that he can carry everywhere except through airport security. Get this for the Dad that appreciates the look of a knife as much as the function.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Amazon – $39.95

Milwaukee 26-Inch Jobsite Work Box (48-22-8020)

Milwaukee 26 Inch Work BoxWhy we’d love to have it:

When is a tool box more than just a tool box? When Milwaukee mixes some NBHD in the materials!

Milwaukee’s 26-Inch Jobsite Work Box is designed to be more than just a casual observer at your jobsite. Four corner molds hold driver-style tools or batteries while the open space is perfect for larger tools. Accessories can be organized in the top tray. Reinforcement and durability is all over the Work Box from the latch design to the hinges helping it withstand more than 1000 drops during testing. Even the handle was engineered to hold round material like PVC pipe to make cutting easier.

Get it for:

This tool box can stand up to what any Pro can throw at it, so grab it for the user who thinks he’s tougher than his tool box and see who wins.

Read our review!.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Acme Tools – $42.99

Southwire 8-Piece Screwdriver Set (SDSET8)

Southwire 8-Piece Screwdriver Set (SDSET8)Why we’d love to have it:

The screwdriver set is a classic Father’s Day gift that is certainly more functional for the kind of Dad that is a fan of our work. Southwire’s 8-Piece Screwdriver Set features comfortable cushioned grip handles, precision machined black phosphate tips, and identification markings.

The set includes two standard slotted sizes (keystone style) and two Phillips sizes. For more specialized fastening, three sizes of slotted cabinet-style are featured along with a #2 square drive.

Get it for:

While everyone can use a new screwdriver set, electricians will get the most benefit from the specialty drivers in this set.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Acme Tools – $44.98

Klein All-Purpose Pliers with Crimper (J2078CR)

Klein All-Purpose Pliers w Crimper J207-8CRWhy we’d love to have it:

Klein’s All-Purpose Pliers have been one of the hottest selling items for the brand since they were first introduced a couple years ago. Their usefulness increased this year when Klein announced they had added a crimper below the jaws. Now crimping, wire stripping, wire cutting, looping, shearing, and other long nose applications are all in the wheelhouse for this tool.

Get it for:

Klein makes tools aimed at the electrical trade, so any Pro in that field can use it. This is also a tool that will make anyone’s home electrical kit more versatile.

Read our preview!

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Acme Tools – $44.99

Dirt Devil Flipout Lithium Powered Cordless Hand Vac

Dirt Devil Flipout Lithium Powered Cordless Hand VacWhy we’d love to have it:

The Dirt Devil Flipout is a great hand held vacuum for cleaning up around the shop or at home. A built in crevice nozzle is excellent for getting into smaller areas around tools where sawdust likes to hide. Brushed duster and stair/furniture attachments add to the versatility. Powered by an integrated 16-volt lithium-ion battery, you’ll get plenty of power and run time to get messes cleaned up quickly. Cup emptying takes just the press of a button and the filter can be tapped or rinsed clean.

Get it for:

The Dad that wants a cleaner shop or garage and doesn’t mind being the Knight in Shining Armor to come clean up life’s unexpected messes.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Dirt Devil – $49.99

Best Tool Gifts For Father’s Day $50 – $100

CRKT Shrill Tactical Boot Knife (2075)

CRKT Shrill Tactical Boot Knife (2075)Why we’d love to have it:

There’s no hiding my love for a good fixed blade knife. Whether worn on the belt or the boot, it’s a good bet for all piercing duties. CRKT’s Shrill is a Matthew Lerch design with a fine tipped spear point featuring a titanium nitride finish. The blade is constructed from 8Cr13Mov steel that works as a solid material in this class for strength and edge retention. Similar in appearance to G10, polished resin infused fiber makes up the handle material with a very attractive white ash design. The Shrill comes with a black leather sheath.

Get it for:

This is an every day carry knife for the Dad who likes to blend the ability to work with the ability to defend.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Amazon – $51.27

Southwire BAGOT15 15″ Open Top Tool Bag

Southwire BAGOT15 Open Top Tool BagWhy we’d love to have it:

Southwire’s 15-Inch Open Top Tool Bag is simply outstanding. Working from the bottom, a rubberized base protect what’s inside from moisture on the ground. 1680D ballistic weave is used to make the bag more durable and it’s built around a rigid frame that keeps it from falling in on itself. A wide range of pockets offer storage and organization options. The internal dividers provide more pocket storage, yet are removable to customize your carrying options. A pair of tape measure clips are an excellent addition found on either side.

The foam grip handle rotates to move out of your way when looking for your tool of choice. A padded shoulder strap helps carry the load easier. Right now, I have my go bag of most commonly used tools, including a Ridgid 12V impact driver/drill kit, loaded up and there’s still storage to spare!

Get it for:

Southwire specializes in tools for the electrician, but this would make an excellent bag for the plumber or general contractor that wants to organize hand tools as well.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Acme Tools – $53.99

Empire Level em71.48 Magnetic Box Level

Empire Level EM71.48 Magnetic Box Level featureWhy we’d love to have it:

Empire Level e71 series of magnetic box levels feature outstanding accuracy at 0.005″ in all 10 leveling positions. The easy to read True Blue vials are made from acrylic and resist breaking, leaking, and fogging much better than other designs. The housing itself is crafted from 6061 T5 aircraft grade aluminum to make it lightweight, yet strong. Since accidents do happen, protective end caps help prevent damage and loss of accuracy when gravity takes over. For applications around ferrous materials, rare earth magnets give Empire’s em71.48 the holding strength to stay where you put it.

Get it for:

There’s plenty of crossover among users for levels, however, box levels are the favorites of most carpenters, masons, and tile setters.

Carhartt Force Extremes Signature Hooded Graphic Sweatshirt (101490)

Carhartt Force Extremes SweatshirtWhy we’d love to have it:

Summer may be on the way, but there are still cool mornings and evenings in many parts of the country. Carhartt’s new Force Extremes Signature Hooded Graphic Sweatshirt is all you’d ever want – it’s soft, comfortable, and wicks moisture away from your body. 37.5 material technology is a blend of cotton and polyester that accomplishes what cotton could never do on its own by drying faster. With the classic Carhartt logo and kangaroo pockets, this is sure to be a winner!

Get it for:

This is a great sweatshirt for anyone. Even if you’re in the southern part of the country, buy it as an early Christmas gift!

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Bass Pro Shops – $59.99

Carhartt Full Swing Quick Duck Cryder Dungaree (101709)

Carhartt Full Swing Quick Duck Cryder Dungaree (101709)Why we’d love to have it:

Carhartt’s Full Swing Quick Duck Cryder Dungaree makes for a more comfortable work day thanks to its blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex. The combination along with Carhartt’s Full Swing design mean that you’ll get an outstanding range of motion. Where kids in the 80’s thought it was cool to have holes in the knees of their jeans, Carhartt used the location to add articulating 4-way stretch material to improve your ability to move. Toss in a relaxed fit that sits at your waist and Rain Defender durable waterproof repellent and you’ve got a work pant that’s actually ready to work.

Get it for:

This is a great work pant for anyone who works outside, especially in Florida where those summer thunderstorms can pop up at any minute.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Amazon – $59.99

EnerPlex Kickr IV Solar ChargerEnerPlex Kicker IV

Why we’d love to have it:

The Kickr IV from EnerPlex charges any of our devices with a micro USB connection (or those that can adapt to one). Since it’s solar, we can ensure we keep a charge whether we’re at work or at play outdoors. I even have one in my EDC bag just to make sure I’m never out of reach thanks to a dead battery when traveling. To make things even better, the Kickr IV is capable of pulling up to 6 watts for true wall charging power. It’s water-resistant, lightweight, and folds up to create a small footprint. If you need another excuse to get one, it’s a Made in the USA product.

Get it for:

This is a great anyone, but especially the traveler and Dad who works and plays outdoors to make sure his phone is never left for dead.

Klein 6-Piece Heavy-Duty Nut Driver Set (635-6)

Klein 6-Piece Heavy-Duty Nut Driver Set (Cat# 635-6)Why we’d love to have it:

Klein has a way of making new hands toosl an instant classic and they’ve done it again with their Heavy-Duty Nut Drivers. It starts with a single piece of cold forged steel that gets wrapped around Klein’s distinctive yellow handle with cushion grip overmold. What’s hidden inside is a hollow core that makes working with threaded rod mush easier that it ever has been before. Once you’ve run the nut all the way to the top, the hex-shaped Wrench Assist shaft can help deliver the extra torque to tighten it down.

Get it for:

Electricians and HVAC Pros spend the most time around threaded rod, but there are plenty of other applications where a hollow core is helpful if your Dad spends a lot of time fastening nuts and bolts.

Read our review!

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Amazon – $71.10

Carhartt Force Extremes Convertible Pant (101969)

Carhartt Force Extremes Convertible Pant (101969)Why we’d love to have it:

I took one look at Carhartt’s Force Extremes Convertible Pant and knew I had to get a pair. My working conditions change, sometimes by the minute in central Florida, and the ability to go from pants to shorts without changing garments is a no-brainer. Made with a cotton/polyester blend, the Convertible Pant is part of Carhartt’s Force Extremes line that dries fast. Rugged Flex design ensures that your movement is not restricted. These lightweight, durable pants are a great option as we head into the summer months.

Get it for:

You can’t beat the combination of fast drying, durability, and versatility that you’ll find in these pants for the Pro that has an option to wear shorts on the jobsite.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Amazon – $79.99

Ridgid Palm Impact Screwdriver (R8224K)

Ridgid 12V Palm Impact ScrewdriverWhy we’d love to have it:

The Ridgid Palm Impact Screwdriver is an outside the box design that’s actually a lot of fun to use. Activating the driver is easy – just select forward or reverse and apply pressure. More pressure results in more power. Using a 12-inch magnetic tip Phillips head bit, I was able to work around some awkward spaces that normally would have forced me to use a hand driver. Because it’s forward pressure that is applied directly behind the bit, it’s easy to keep it engaged with the fastener and avoid damage from slipping.

Get it for:

Cabinetmakers and woodworkers will really like this style of impact screwdriver and Ridgid’s pricing makes it a great tool for around the house as well.

Read our review!

Check out more details here.

Buy it at The Home Depot – $99.00

Best Tool Gifts For Father’s Day $100 – $250

Wolverine Exert DuraShocks Opanka Work Shoe (W04306)

Wolverine Exert DuraShocks Opanka Work Shoe (W04306)Why we’d love to have it:

Not all jobs require safety toes boots (or steel toe flip flops for that matter). When you don’t need them, it opens up a world of options. One of the most comfortable we’ve found is Wolverine’s Exert DuraShocks Opanka Work Shoe. This low cut work shoe is more flexible than a typical work boot and features Wolverine’s DureShocks technology that helps absorb the shock of movement and return energy through motion. The full grain upper leather upper makes for an attractive look while Dri-lex lining wicks moisture away from your feet. This is one of Wolverine’s highest rated shoes according to user feedback.

Get it for:

Coming in either Briar brown or Black, these are great for the Pro on the go who doesn’t need a safety toe. Give it a shot for EMT’s, law enforcement, or any Pro that’s looking for a more comfortable shoe.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Wolverine – $105.00

Makita Top Handle Jig Saw with Tool Case (JV0600K)

Makita Top Handle Jig Saw with Tool Case (JV0600K)Why we’d love to have it:

Most people have a love/hate relationship with their jig saws. They offer outstanding cutting flexibility and the versatility to make cuts through a variety of material. They’re also notorious for the amount of vibration the aggressive cutting action delivers. Makita’s JV0600K Top Handle Jig Saw cuts down on the vibration using an internal counterbalance system. The 6.5 amp motor provides plenty of power and the variable speed control switch helps maintain control. For woodworkers and contractors with a dust extractor, a connection port is on the back to keep your work space cleaner. You’ll love the tool-free blade changes and blade ejection when it comes time to switch blades.

Get it for:

Pick this up for woodworkers and carpenters or any Pro that spends time using a jig saw.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Acme Tools – $109.99

Stiletto 12 Oz. Titanium Smooth face “Hybrid” Fiberglass Handle (TI12SCF)

Stiletto 12 Oz. Titanium Smooth face Hybrid Fiberglass Handle (TI12SCF)Why we’d love to have it:

Stiletto has made a name for itself on the jobsite thanks to the use of titanium in their hammer heads. Titanium offers a much lower weight than steel and also has vibration dampening characteristics. What makes this hammer even more special is the poly fiberglass handle that reduces weight even more over steel and wood handle hammers. With a 12-ounce head, this smooth face hammer has the strength to deliver power like a 21-ounce hammer. It’s not magic – the lighter weight allows you to swing faster. Toss in Stiletto’s classic nail starter and you have a premium hammer that won’t leave your arms dead and your thumbs mashed at the end of the day.

Get it for:

While anyone can appreciate a premium hammer, this is in a class that the professional framer will want to have on his tool belt.

Read our review!

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Acme Tools – $109.99

Makita 12V Max CXT Lithium-Ion 2-Pc Combo Kit (CT226)

Makita 12V max CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Pc. Combo Kit (CT226)Why we’d love to have it:

Tom Gaige, reviewer and one of the founders of Pro Tool Reviews, tells us that he can do 80% of his drilling and driving using 12 volt tools. The light weight and compact nature of 12 volt makes it ideal when you can get away with using it. Saving the weight on your arms gives you the ability to longer and be more productive. Makita’s 12V Max CXT 2-Piece Kit features a drill and impact driver that fit the bill perfectly. With speeds up to 1700 RPM and 250 inch pounds of torque, drilling holes and using spade bits up to ¾ inch are in its wheelhouse. When it comes time to drive screws, look to the impact driver that offers up to 970 inch pounds of fastening torque. If you’re familiar with Makita tools, you know that these come with their typically excellent ergonomic design. The kit comes with a pair of 2.0 amp hour batteries, charger, and hard case.

Get it for:

This is a great supplement to 18 volt kits for the general contractor or remodeler as well as a go-to kit for electricians

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Check out more details here.

Buy it at Acme Tools – $149.00

Bosch 165 Ft. Laser Measure (GLM 50 CX)

Bosch 165 Ft. Laser Measure (GLM 50 CX)Why we’d love to have it:

Bosch’s GLM 50 CX offers a backlit color display and large easy to see numbers. It has a range up to 165 feet and accuracy that’s within 1/16 inch. An integrated inclinometer allows for more advanced functions such as determining angles, min/max measurements, stake outs, and double indirect measurements. Once you have the measurements you need, Bluetooth connectivity allows you to deliver those to your tablet using the Measure & Document or FloorPlan apps. Best of all, the GLM50 CX cuts your measuring time down significantly.

Get it for:

Anyone that’s making estimates or checking layout using a tape measure can swap it out for a laser measure.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Acme Tools – $149.00

Yellow Jacket 100-ft 10/3 SJTW Outdoor Extension Cord with Powerlite Indicator (2806)

Coleman Cable Yellow Jacket Extension CordsWhy we’d love to have it:

Yellow Jacket extension cords (part of the Southwire family of companies) are well-recognized around the industry for the durability they provide. This heavy-duty extension cord features a protective housing compound three times greater than standard vinyl coatings. Clear molded plugs light up when power is flowing, making it easy to see when the cord is ready for use.

Best of all, this 100-foot extension cord is build as a 10-gauge size. There’s nothing worse than having to run a long cord out to the temporary power pole and realize it’s undersized leaving your tools under-powered. You might be able to get away with it using a drill or circular saw, but when miter saws and table saws need to draw 15 amps, you’ve got to have the right extension cord to eliminate the power drop over distance.

Get it for:

Get this for any general contractor or remodeler that works in temporary power applications.

Read our review!

Buy it at The Home Depot – $159.35

Gerber MP1-AR Weapons Multi-Tool (30-001024)

Gerber MP1-AR Weapons Multi-Tool (30-001024)Why we’d love to have it:

There are multi-tools and then there are specialty multi-tools. The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America thanks to its ability to do almost everything from sport shooting to hunting. Part of what makes it so popular is how easy it is to swap out parts and customize. You’ve got to clean your rifle after using it though and Gerber’s MP1-AR Weapons Multi-Tool is specifically designed for that task. Featuring a magnetic bit set that accepts standard 1/4” hex bits, you’ll have everything you need to adjust optics and accessories, including iron sights. A pin punch makes take down easy and a carbon scraper and carbon pick help get the bolt, bolt carrier, ejector area, and other hard to reach parts clean. You’ll also find traditional multi-tool features like serrated and plain edge knives and spring loaded needle nose jaws. A coyote colored nylon sheath is included and is MOLLE compatible.

Get it for:

Grab this for the AR owner, gun enthusiast, or the Dad who is currently serving our country. While you’re at it, send him our thanks for his service.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Amazon – $176.00

Ridgid Stealth Force Pulse Driver Kit (R86036K)

Ridgid Stealth Force LogoWhy we’d love to have it:

When you make the claim to drive faster and quieter than other impact driver on the market, then back it up with dominating performance, you definitely make our list of must-have tools. Ridgid’s Stealth Force Pulse Driver introduced us to what oil impulse technology is capable of. An elliptical impact mechanism provides a softer, quieter push than the punch of a traditional impact yet delivers more power. When we tested 18V impact drivers earlier this year, Ridgid’s performance blew us away. It’s heavier than most impact drivers, but the power it delivers is worth the trade-off.

Get it for:

This is an excellent solution for Pros that work around schools, office buildings, and apartments where noise is a consideration or any Pro that simply wants the fastest driving tool he can get.

Read our review!

Check out more details here.

Buy it at The Home Depot – $199.00

Porter-Cable 18″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Stand (PCB375SS)

Porter-Cable 18-in Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Stand (PCB375SS)Why we’d love to have it:

If you’re into woodworking, a scroll saw is the tool that allows you to make some incredibly intricate designs. Porter-Cable’s PCB375SS Scroll Saw features an 18-inch table to hold your masterpiece while the 1.6 amp motor delivers a ¾ inch stroke between 500 and 1500 RPM. The table tilts to allow bevel cuts up to 45 degrees and the included stand gives you room to work around it. A built in LED light can be adjusted to provide illumination where you need it. The 5-inch blades can be changed easily without needing to grab a tool. Speed, power, and blade tension controls are all located at the front of the saw so changes can be made without having to reach around the saw.

Get it for:

This is an ideal scroll saw for the weekend woodworker that’s looking to create more intricate details than he can with a jig saw or band saw.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Lowe’s – $199.00

Kobalt 227-Piece Standard and Metric Mechanic’s Tool Set with Hard Case (86756)

Kobalt 227-Piece Standard and Metric Mechanic's Tool Set with Hard Case (86756)Why we’d love to have it:

If there’s anything more classic than a tie for father’s day, it’s a ratchet and wrench set. We’d argue that the tools last a lot longer and are a heck of a lot more useful. For the Dad that links to tinker beyond the basics, check out Kobalt’s 227-Piece Standard and Metric Mechanic’s Tool Set. With (117) 6- and 12-point sockets and 4 extensions for three different ratchet sizes, he’ll have what he needs to work around most any engine. 30 combination wrenches reach into places too tight for a ratchet while 40 hex keys and a multi-bit driver take care of a variety of fasteners around the car. All this comes in a blow molded hard case to keep things organized. Kobalt backs the set with their Hassle-Free Lifetime Guarantee.

Get it for:

Get this for the Dad that likes to maintain his own engines from the lawn equipment to the pickup.

Oxx CoffeeBoxx Jobsite Coffee Maker (CB250)

OXX COFFEEBOXX Jobsite Coffee Maker in Green (CB250)Why we’d love to have it:

When we first heard about the Oxx CoffeeBoxx, we were pretty intrigued. With claims of being built for the job site and photos of a Hummer supported by 4 of the coffeemakers, we wanted one… bad.

The CoffeeBoxx runs on AC power from either an outlet or your generator. Designed to use K-Cup style coffee cartridges, it has a 2.5-liter water capacity. The entire system is designed to be watertight and dust resistant knowing that its job is to work wherever you do.

Coffee is ready in about 90 seconds and you’re able to choose from 8-, 10-, or 12-ounce cups. Best of all, everyone can choose which kind of coffee they like best (and fit the bill for it!). Have a non-coffee drinker feeling left out? A hot-water-only option allows them to make tea, hot chocolate, oatmeal, or grits if they really want it.

Get it for:

This is an outstanding gift for any Dad that works in less than ideal conditions. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary!

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Amazon – $199.99

DeWalt ToughSystem Music + Charger (DWST08810)

DeWalt ToughSystem Music + Charger (DWST08810)Why we’d love to have it:

When it comes to getting music on the jobsite to get you through the day, any radio will do, right?

Wrong. DeWalt proves that sound quality matters with their ToughSystem Music+Charger. It’s packed with features starting with an AM/FM radio with digital tuner. From there they added a 3.5 mm auxiliary input to pump tunes directly from your phone or MP3 player. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to keep that $600 phone attached to you to stream wirelessly. All connectivity seems a waste if it sounds like garbage, so DeWalt packed 4 full range tweeters around a subwoofer to help you enjoy your music as if the band were right there with you.

The music player also features a USB charger and can both run off of or charge your DeWalt 12V Max and 20V Max batteries. If you’re in the ToughSystem storage lineup, it’s perfectly compatible to be stacked along with your tools.

Get it for:

This offers premium sound quality for any user, but it’s the DeWalt cordless tool Pro that’s really going to get the most out of the system.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Acme Tools – $199.99

Zero Tolerance 0095BW

Zero Tolerance 0095BW Knife angledWhy we’d love to have it:

It’s generally agreed around here that Kershaw’s Blur is so good, that it’ll be one of their best selling knives for years. Kai USA’s premium knife brand, Zero Tolerance, has just made the same impact with the ZT 0095BW. This anything-but-ordinary every day carry knife features a high quality S35VN steel, known as one of the super steels. The harpoon style blade is secured to the titanium handle and is wrapped up with a BlackWash finish.

Deployment of the blade is achieved with a finger flipper. Zero Tolerance’s KVT ball bearing system is so smooth it leaves no reason to wish for a spring assist on this model. With a frame lock design, the 0095BW has a look and feel that is all business. Ergonomically, I’m not sure you can find a better fit in your hand with a folding knife.

Get it for:

This is a premium EDC knife that will be most appreciated by a true knife enthusiast and may likely become the standard by which they measure every other knife.

Read our review here.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at their Amazon – $220.00

Best Tool Gifts For Father’s Day Over $250

Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler

Yeti Tundra 45 CoolerWhy we’d love to have it:

Ever wonder why you see Yeti stickers on so many people’s trucks? It’s because they make amazing coolers. Yeti’s Tundra 35 cooler is the most popular in the line thanks to it’s versatile size. At 15 inches tall, 16 inches deep, and 25-1/2 inches wide, it is at home on the water, at your campsite, or on your jobsite.

It’s the details that make Yeti so incredibly sought after. Rotomolded construction renders the cooler “damn-near indestructible”. It makes a great stand in as a casting platform on inshore skiffs when you’re stalking redfish or bonefish thanks to the strength and Bearfoot non-slip, no-mar feet. Permafrost insulation and an integrated freezer quality gasket keeps ice for days. Military grade DoubleHaul handles are made from polyester rope and a heavy duty textured grip so you can carry the cooler by yourself. When it’s time to drain the liquid out, the Vortex Drain System simply untwists to release it.

With padlocks on the two front corners, the Yeti 45 is a certified bear-proof food container and it’s withstood a 500-pound man standing on top of it. If you do find a way to damage it, Yeti covers the cooler for 5 years. Who else does that?

Get it for:

Yeti coolers are outstanding for anyone who works or plays in the outdoors.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Acme Tools – $349.99

Rigid GEN5X 5-Piece Combo Kit (R9652)

Rigid GEN5X 5 Piece Combo Kit (R9652)Why we’d love to have it:

Ridgid’s Gen5x kit sets the standard for a combination of performance and value a the professional level. Featuring a circular saw, reciprocating saw, hammer drill, impact driver, and work light, Ridgid’s Gen5X 4-pole motor boosted power over the previous line significantly.

The circular saw has been upgraded to a full 7-1/4 inch blade. The recip saw has a longer stroke length at 1-1/8 inch along with improved ergonomics. In addition to the noticeable power increase (one of the first we saw to reach 2000 inch pounds of torque) the impact driver now has 3 speeds. Both the impact driver and hammer drill are now sporting Ridgid’s Tri Beam LED lights that surround the chuck and eliminate the shadows caused by low mounted lights.

In addition to the tools, the Gen5X kit includes a pair of 4.0 amp hour batteries and charger to keep you working. Using Ridgid’s online registration process, your kit is covered for life, including replacement batteries.

Get it for:

This is kit that general contractors and remodelers can really take advantage of. With Home Depot dropping the price by $100 to $399, it would make an awesome gift for the DIYer in your home that would like Pro performance.

Read our review!

Check out more details here.

Buy it at The Home Depot$399.00

Makita 18V LXT 3/4″ Drive Impact Wrench (XWT07M)

Makita 18V LXT Drive Impact Wrench with Friction Ring Anvil Kit (XWT07M)Why we’d love to have it:

When you need extreme levels of torque in a cordless tool, look no further than Makita’s XWT07M Brushless Impact Wrench. This King of Beasts boasts 780 foot pounds of fastening torque and a monstrous 1250 foot pounds of breakaway torque.

Featuring a ¾ inch square drive, this is no ordinary impact wrench. It’s designed for the kind of sockets and fasteners you find in industrial settings and shipyards. Knowing the kind of applications it’s likely to work in, Makita’s proprietary hammer and anvil impact mechanism is manufactured using the best raw material and highest quality steel they could find.

3 speeds help dial all that power where it will do the most good under control. A heavy duty hook keeps the wrench attached to your belt or hanging in easy reach. While it’s tough to control the ergonomics with this kind of tool, Makita managed to get the weight down to 8.1 pounds with the battery and kept an excellent feel with the handle and overmold. Dual LED lights and an electric brake wrap up the key features on a tool built for the toughest jobs.

Get it for:

This is an impact wrench that goes well beyond the needs of a basic mechanic – it’s an industrial level tool that industrial workers will enjoy having at their side.

Read our Makita impact wrench roundup here.

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Acme Tools – $489.99

Milwaukee One-Key Two Tool Combo Kit (2796-22)

Milwaukee One-Key reviewWhy we’d love to have it:

Milwaukee took their class leading M18 Fuel Hammer Drill and outstanding M18 Fuel Impact Driver and took them to school. Like the Matrix, Milwaukee’s One-Key system was plugged into their brains and they are now capable of things no other hammer drill and impact driver can even dream of.

For starters, both of these tools are high performance and did very well in our drill shootout and impact driver shootout earlier this year. What One-Key adds to the mix is a ridiculous amount of tool customization and tracking ability. Using the app on your smart phone or tablet, you can now tell the tool exactly how much speed and torque to apply on each mode. Whether you’re dialing in a combination of speed and torque for lag screws or driving deck screws as fast as you can, you’re in control.

One of the really cool things about Milwaukee’s One-Key platform is that the hardware is already in the tool. Improvements can come via software updates and they are already working on what comes next. If tech is your thing, these are the tools on top of the heap.

Get it for:

These are Pro level tools that the tech savvy user will be able to get a lot benefit from.

Read our review!

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Home Depot – $499.00

Bosch Table Saw with Gravity Rise Stand (4100-09)

Bosch Table Saw with Gravity Rise Stand (4100-09)Why we’d love to have it:

We’re getting ready for to start testing jobsite table saws for a shootout this month and we expect Bosch to be among the top. Bosch’s 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw features a 15 amp motor that pushes 4 horsepower and 3,650 RPM. In addition to traditional rip, miter, and bevel cuts, it can also handle Dado cuts up to 13/16 inch.

25 inch rip capacity on the table means you’ll be able to handle sheet material with no problem. Bosch’s SquareLock rip fence is designed to deliver outstanding accuracy. Aside from the outstanding power and accuracy of the saw, it also includes a stand. Bosch Gravity-Rise Stands are just any plain Jane accessories. They provide excellent support through rigid structural design and among the best portability with wheels that can actually move across less than ideal terrain. It’s intuitive folding system ensures that extending or collapsing the stand doesn’t leave you out of the game with back pain.

Get it for:

This is a professional level table saw for the mobile contractor or remodeler as well as carpenters and woodworkers.

Read our preview!

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Lowe’s – $569.00

Milwaukee 60″ Mobile Work Station (48-22-8560)

Milwaukee 60-inch mobile work stationWhy we’d love to have it:

We didn’t have any hints that Milwaukee was preparing to launch their new 60-Inch Mobile Work Station and it instantly became the must-have storage solution of the year here at PTR. At first glance, several things stick out. First, you’ve got 60 inches of width to work with – and on. The Milwaukee 60-Inch Mobile Work Station features a 1-inch reversible solid wood work surface that makes it a moveable work bench around the garage or shop. A metal 22-inch peg board will help keep your hand tools organized and in easy reach.

You’ll also find an integrated power strip on the right side of the unit. With cordless tools being so dominate, it’s pretty much a must-have feature now. A bulk storage shelf can be moved to a variety of positions and a quick access tool holder is also included.

Each of the 11 drawers on the Milwaukee 60-Inch Mobile Work Station can hold up to 100 pounds, giving the unit a 2200-pound overall capacity. The two bottom drawers are deep. On the right, you’ll find built in storage for cordless tools and a movable divider in the center drawer. To the left, you have a storage cabinet with a center shelf.

Get it for:

This is a fantastic mobile storage solution for a professional shop that’s also a good all-in-one options to have at home. Milwaukee’s 60-Inch Mobile Work Station should light up the face of everyone who receives it.

Read our preview!

Check out more details here.

Buy it at The Home Depot – $598.00

EGO Power+ 21″ Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

EGO self propelled lawn mowerWhy we’d love to have it:

EGO hit the OPE market en force a couple of years ago with their 56V battery platform. They’ve gone through a couple of generations with several of their tools now, including the mower. New this year is EGO’s 21-inch mower and the big deal is that they’ve managed to make it self-propelled.

The new mower sports a more conventional look with the motor assembly rising above the center of the deck. Many of our favorite features have been left alone though, specifically the brushless motor and folding handle design. With battery technology pushing EGO to 7.5 amp hours, there was enough capacity to bring in the self-propulsion we now love.

Speed controls vary between 1.8 and 3.6 MPH. We wouldn’t recommend trying to mow at top speed unless you’re trying to get a cardio workout at the same time. The 21-inch cutting deck puts the mower in the same class as gas powered options and there’s enough power here to compete. I once saw the question posed at to whether or not EGO is legit – the answer is a resounding yes!

Get it for:

Get this for the homeowner that would like to ditch the noise and maintenance of gas engines and go for the convenience of lithium-ion power. This is the best line from top to bottom that we’ve seen.

Read our review!

Check out more details here.

Buy it at The Home Depot – $599.00

DeWalt 12″ Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DWS780)

DeWalt 12-in Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DWS780)Why we’d love to have it:

You know Dad is getting serious when he starts talking about getting a miter saw. Whether he’s a pro that already has one and is looking to upgrade or he just wants to use what the Pros use, DeWalt’s DWS780 is the flagship model for the popular brand. A 15 amp motor spins up the 12-inch blade at 3800 RPM.

Both crown molding and cross cuts have impressive capacities at 7-1/2 inches for nested crown and 2 x 16 dimensional cross cuts. Full mitering capability to the right (60 degrees) and left (50 degrees) and dual bevel capability ensure that even odd compound cuts can be made.

One of my favorite features is the XPS Positioning System. Rather than integrating a laser that often has to be calibrated, the DWS780 uses a high powered LED to cast a shadow from the blade. Whether you want to cut left blade, right blade, or dead center, there’s no question where the cut will be made.

Get it for:

This is a professional level miter saw that’s an outstanding upgrade from a 10-inch or value priced model that’s sure to make his day.

Read our review!

Check out more details here.

Buy it at Acme Tools – $599.00

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